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4 Life Hacks to use with your Firefly 2 Vaporizer 

on Oct 18, 2018

The Firefly 2 vaporizer is a fantastic vaporizer that is extremely portable and dependable. Lighter and slimmer than many other vaporizers on the market it can be used easily brought out and about to the great outdoors or just over to a friends house. Here we’ve put together four little tricks that’ll help you have an even better time with your Firefly 2 vaporizer. Enjoy a Rough Grind Many vaporizers that are available today are very much effected by the amount you grind your dry herb. Conduction vaporizers often favor a finer grind as this puts more of your dry herb touching the heating chamber resulting in more vapor. But the Firefly 2 vaporizer actually works better with a coarser... Read More »

How to Clean a Pax 3

on Oct 15, 2018

Owning a Pax 3 is like owning the iPhone of vaporizers (sorry not sorry, Android users). The Pax family are a force to be reckoned with. They employ speedy heat-up times, exquisite tasting vapor, prolonged battery life, portability, pocket-friendliness – amongst so many more! And all these phenomenal features are stored in a compact, sleek and robust unit. But for the Pax 3 to run like a well-oiled machine, it requires maintenance; that’s right – time to get cleaning, pal.  Now not to worry, it's not like an episode of Kim and Aggie. You won’t need any yellow gloves or many cleaning tools; however, you will need some equipment. Fairy liquid and water won’t cut it. You can get yourself... Read More »

How to Throw the Ultimate Herb Themed Halloween Party

on Oct 12, 2018

There are so many great things that happen in October, what a glorious month it is. Canadian Thanksgiving, World Nature Day, October 3rd (Mean Girls reference) and, the best day of em all; Halloween – which is also World Saving Day – Halloween, nonetheless. Halloween Time If you don’t know what Halloween is, it is the night of the 31st of October, often celebrated by young kids (or adults) dressing up in scary clothes and knocking on neighbors' doors in search for sweets and chocolates of all sorts. Halloween is thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad. In a British context, Halloween is also the night before Guy Fawkes... Read More »

Genius by Name, Genius by Nature

on Oct 11, 2018

Hyperbole is an important marketing tool. You don’t get anywhere in the market by being meek and playing it safe, you’re going to swing from the light fittings, trumpeting the finest features of your product. A lot of people know this, and they have adjusted their expectations accordingly. This over-saturation of hyperbole has led to the devaluing of certain words. ‘Genius’ is one of those words. However, there are still things out there that earn their accolades honestly, with no exaggeration. The Genius pipe is one such product. It is a truly genius pipe, no hyperbole. Promise. Cooling Power The Genius pipe is genius. It’s genius in name, it’s genius in nature, and genius in design. It packs a huge... Read More »

A Step-by step guide to cleaning your Mighty vaporizer

on Oct 04, 2018

We get it - cleaning your vape can be a really boring task, and one that many of us put off doing for as long as possible. How often you clean your vape is entirely up to you, but cleaning your vape as often as you can is the best way to maintain its lifespan and keep it in tip-top shape for years to come. If you've spent your hard-earned cash investing in a top-of-the-range device like the Mighty, learning how to clean it as best you can ensure that you get your money's worth for as long as possible. Maintain that Mighty Vaporizer How often you’ll have to clean your vape depends on how frequently you use it, but... Read More »

The forgotten Pax – Why the Pax 2 Vaporizer is a hidden gem

on Oct 03, 2018

Have you ever forgotten about that fantastic video game you always use to play? But then Fortnite made its way to the gaming world and now it's all the craze and all what your pals talk about. Well, it's kind of like that for the poor ol’ Pax 2 Vaporizer. Since its brother, the Pax 3 came out, the Pax 2 was just (kind of) forgotten about. Always happens to the middle child, trust me, I know. But, the Pax 2 is a formidable vaporizer. It is a fantastic go-to vaporizer. Forgot about the Pax 2? The Pax 2 was created by Pax Labs. It comes with a perfectly matte finish. The Pax 2 is considered one of the industry's... Read More »

Can Cannabis help broken bones and make them stronger?

on Oct 02, 2018

Cannabis is used for a wide range of reasons; for pain-management, ailments, medical, recreational, relaxation so on, so forth. There is a magnitude of reasons why people use cannabis and each reason is personal to that specific user. When cannabis is administrated medically, it is typically used for some-sort of pain management and not to cure said ailment. But recent scientific research shows that cannabis can play a huge role in healing broken bones. No, I'm not lying! This is true. In recent years cannabis research has been at the forefront of medical research. But only until recently has the effects of cannabis come to light. The most significant developments in this line of research has been what scientists call... Read More »

How to Hide the Smell of Marijuana

on Sep 26, 2018

Staying Discreet More Countries across the world are opting for the legalisation of cannabis and the age old, highly googled question ‘how to get rid of the smell’ is becoming more relevant. Even if it’s legal in your country a lot of people may still opt for discreetness. Most users don’t sit around all day and smoke, and if you’re heading to work you do not want to smell to linger on your clothing. If your parents are coming over you don’t want your house to stink of weed because let’s be honest who wants to listen to that lecture. Also the majority of us don’t really want any type of odour in our houses, including marijuana. Regardless of your... Read More »

Weed games: What's your favorite game to play high?

on Sep 24, 2018

We all love playing games, from when we were young kicking the ball on the mucky grass to now, being full-fledged human people playing kick-about with your 7-year old niece or nephew on the mucky grass and beating them every time is fun! It is no wonder I was called a glory hunter back in my formative years! But anyways, we are here to talk about games, not my wrongdoings! Being high is great, but playing games and being high – well, that is just a wholesome way to spend some glorious hang-out time with your pals! We have looked high (damn, right that pun was intended) and low on the world-wide-web and asked all our stoner friends what their... Read More »

Cheech and Chong – Big Names for a Reason

on Sep 19, 2018

We live in a strange time, a time where if someone pretends to be something on television then we naturally assume that they are capable of that in real life. Ross Kemp played a tough guy for years, so we naturally thought that he was tough enough to send to Afghanistan. Donald Trump played a business man on telly so we gave him control of all of America’s nuclear arsenal. It’s just the way our society is, and it’s probably why we’re all going to be dead by 2060.  The Original Stoners - Cheech and Chong  Sometimes, however, actors can actually live up to the skills of their roles. Cheech and Chong built their name on their hilarious stoner comedies. They became the DeFacto dry herb ambassadors to an entire generation. If they followed... Read More »

Jay and Silent Bob Bongs - NEW Additions

on Sep 17, 2018

There have been a lot of dynamic duos down through the last fifty years, Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, Han Solo and Chewbacca, James Belushi and that dog, remember that film? But perhaps no duo defines the stoner generation of the 21st century better than Jay and Silent Bob. Which makes it appropriate that we now have the Jay and Silent Bob bongs to prove it.   Kevin Smith’s creations took on a life of their own following their debut in 1994’s Clerks, culminating in the 2001 cosmic-odyssey Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back a movie that cemented their legacy forever. Not least because they fought Mark Hamill, who played Ball Knocker, while dressed as superheroes Bluntman and Chronic. Good times.    Clearly, you can tell that... Read More »

Accessories You can't Live Without this Month!

on Sep 17, 2018

Accessories You Can't Live Without the Month! Here at Namaste we take pride in only providing the best of the best, from our wide range of vaporizers, right down to the accessories you could use with them! Most users are content with just using their vape but for all you extra people out there looking to get the most out of your vape, you have come to the right place! Here at Namaste we are proud to sell such a wide variety of vaporizer accessories for nearly every vape we sell! So, take it from us if you’re looking for something to enhance your vaping experience look no further!     Black Mamba Vaporizer Glass Insert  The Black Mamba Vaporizer is a fan favorite for many people... Read More »

Could Vaporizers Reduce Number of Smokers in the UK?

on Sep 14, 2018

Can vaporizers really reduce the number of smokers in the UK? Perhaps it should. Recently Public Health England urged many people to make the switch to vaporizers. They even went so far as to suggest that hospitals should begin selling them. While they were specifically talking about nicotine cigarettes there is evidence to suggest that regular smokers of cannabis should switch over to vaping.   Why choose to Vape?  There are quite a number of reasons you should consider making the change from regular joints to a vaporizer. For a start, and this is probably the most important, vaping generally gives out much stronger hits than regular smoking. When you vape you’re getting nothing but the pure vapor of cannabis and completely avoid the smoke, this smoke is what... Read More »

Will Vaping Stain My Teeth?

on Sep 12, 2018

When you made the switch from rolling to vapes you thought things would be different. You wouldn’t have to be as worried about your health because of the lack of carcinogens, for one thing. Maybe you decided to join the ranks of millions of vapers worldwide because it just seemed like there were more options. Dry herb, concentrates, dabbing. So much choice out there.   Or perhaps you made the switch because you were worried about your appearance? How you’d no longer have to chew endless amounts of gum to keep your breath fresh and your teeth white. Maybe you even thought you wouldn't have to brush as often if you used a vaporizer? But that’s disgusting, keep brushing your teeth, you degenerate!   As Bad As Smoking?  Now if you smoke weed in the traditional... Read More »

3 Of the Best Lights for Indoor Growing

on Sep 10, 2018

There are so many reasons to start growing your own cannabis plants at home. Many medical marijuana patients are taking the DIY approach, growing their own strains to treat their conditions. If you’re into concentrates, you’ll know that its often incredibly difficult to assess the quality of the concentrates you’re spending serious money on, unless you have a highly reputable dispensary. Growing and processing your own herb for concentrates is the only true way to know exactly what goes into the concentrates you ingest.   The key factor in successfully growing your own plants at home, is creating an environment for them to flourish. Your plants will need sufficient space to grow, and most importantly – light! Cast your mind back to that science class you... Read More »

3 Reasons Why Your Vape Might Not Be Working and How to Fix It

on Sep 07, 2018

Vaporizers are a fantastic way to consume dry herb. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of the active ingredients without any of the harsh smoke or toxins. On top of that they are incredibly easy to use, making herb far more accessible than nearly any other method. Of course, at the end of the day vaporizers are still technology, and tech has a propensity to break in ways that are baffling to lay people. So, if it breaks down the average schmo might be left feeling baffled, scared, angry, and aroused.  To help you combat this we have decided to look into the top three most common issues with vaporizers and how you can fix them.  Your Vapor Tastes Burnt  Vaporizers deliver smooth, tasty hits that let... Read More »

How can CBD help you give up cigarettes?

on Sep 05, 2018

Waking up on a brisk autumn morning, there’s a strong sting of cold in the air, frost on the cars and grass, you can see your breath as you exhale and all you can think about is how, if you lit a cigarette up that mist from your breath could be replaced from some sweet, sweet tobacco smoke. You know how bad it is for you, but you can’t help satisfying that nagging craving from just one pull of a cigarette, you light up, inhale, exhale and you’re back. You finish that box, promise your significant other you’ll be off them come Monday and begin anew. You’ve tried all the methods, chewing gum, snapping an elastic band on your wrist every time you think of a cigarette, the... Read More »

Can CBD oil help deal with College Pressure?

on Sep 03, 2018

If you’ve just gotten to college (first of all – well done on making it there!), you may be wondering why in between stories of raging house parties, nobody ever mentioned the piles of actual work you have to do. Between writing the longest essays of your life, navigating the social politics of group presentations, and stressing over whether you plagiarized that reference you threw into an essay last minute – college comes with a lot of pressure.    Don’t get us wrong, college can be one of the most exciting periods in your life, but it can also be a perfect storm of stressors from keeping up your grades, worrying about your student loans, and wondering if Chaucer will ever actually help you find a job after... Read More »

Rise of UK Social Cannabis Clubs

on Aug 24, 2018

Smoking Clubs in UK In recent years, there appears to have been a boom in the popularity of ad-hoc cannabis clubs popping up all over the UK. In reality, this sudden 'rise' has been a quiet, grassroots movement over the last several years. UK Cannabis Clubs are currently united under the UK Cannabis Social Club website, which has been operating since 2011. There are currently almost 80 smoking clubs registered on the site, with additional information on how to set up a smoking club in your area.  Club Policies  Smoking clubs in the UK are for adults 18 and over and many are socially engaged, holding public meetings and even coordinating charity fundraisers for third party organizations. Many clubs still operate a members-only policy, with some having built their member base purely through word of mouth invite –... Read More »

How To Clean Your Bong | Glass Bongs UK

on Aug 22, 2018

Glass Bongs UK BUY A GLASS BONG NOW There's nothing worse than looking at your bong and knowing you can't get another go out of it without cleaning it. On top of it all glass bongs in particular are incredibly difficult to clean and the effort of it all would nearly make you want to dump your bong and buy a new one. We feel your pain here at Namaste which is why we've tried and tested a variety of ways to clean your bongs and we found this way to be the most cost and time effective!   Step 1: Get prepped  Don't waste your time running around the house looking for your cleaning materials as you go along, start by gathering up your materials so you have... Read More »

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