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Percolators have revolutionized the UK Bong market. In recent years we have seen continuous improvements to the quality of Bongs available to us with the introduction of Percolators. Percolators act as a means of Cooling & Filtering your smoke to produce only the smoothest hits possible.

By breaking the smoke up as it travels through the percs, the smoke's surface area multiplies, allowing for the cooling and filtering to take place. Percolators are available in a wide range of shapes and styles, to experience the incredible results of a Perc Bong grab one from our Best Priced, ever growing range.

Different kinds of Percolators 

Downstems -

Downstems believe it or not, are the original kind of Percolator. Long before any of the new and more intricate pieces reached the market the only style of percolation was through a downstem. Downstems can have diffusors built into the base of them or can be plain, however the idea behind them doesn't change. They pull your smoke through the water in your Bong allowing it to both cool down and become filtered.

Tree Percolators -

Tree Percolators are one of the earliest alternatives to the downstem to become available to us. A Quite intricate style of percolation, tree percs are known for their particularly smooth hits they produce. Quite mesmerizing to watch, the Tree percs are certain to impress anyone who uses them. 

Showerhead Perc or UFO Perc - 

Most commonly known as a Showerhead or UFO Percolators, this kind of percolation is particularly successful. While not the most common, it certainly is effective. Showerhead percolators are sometimes seen as the first point of contact in a multi percolation piece. They work very similarly to Tree Perc Bongs in the way they are designed only the water distribution can sometimes be more even in the Showerhead or UFO kind of percolator. 

Honeycomb Percolators -

One of the most enjoyable to watch and beneficial kinds of percolators available today are Honeycomb Percs. Usually situated as a disc in the body of the piece, Honeycomb Percolators work by pulling the smoke through several small holes to produce a honeycomb effect. Frequently seen with numerous different levels of percolation, Honeycomb Percs definitely deserve the popularity they receive.

Inline Percolators -

Inline percolators are very similar to a downstem, however they are usually held at a vertical angle. Slits are added to the stem of the inline percolator by which the smoke then becomes diffused as it travels towards the water. Inline Percolators are regularly seen as the first percolator in a multi percolator water pipe.

Spiral Perc / Coil Perc - 

Spiral or Coil percolators are extremely popular styles of Percolators seen in Bongs today. While not the most intricate or fancy kind of percolation, they certainly produce cool smooth hits. By allowing for further distance for your smoke to travel through you allow for more time for cooling and filtration to take place. Meaning tasty, cool and smooth hits every time.

Turbine Percolators -

Turbine percolators create a whirlwind effect within the chamber of your bong. Very similar to look at as a Honeycomb Percolator, this disc shaped perc is both easily produced and a pleasure to watch. If you catch a Turbine Percolator at the perfect rip speed, you can potentially watch a truly mesmerizing whirlpool effect take place. 

Fritted Disc Percolators -

The Epitome of percolators are fritted disc percs. Rarely seen, and extremely similar in shape to Honeycomb percs or Turbine percs, Fritted Discs can produce some of the smoothest hits possible. Incredible to watch in use, Fritted Disc percolators are certain to be the future of percolation water Bongs.

These are only a few example of Percolators available in Bongs today, as the range continues to grow it is imperative to stay up to date with the best products you can buy. Send your smoking experience into the next generation with one of our Percolator Bongs at the Best Prices the UK has to offer.

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