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Why You Should Invest In One

Year after year we see the world of dry herb vaporizers grow and improve. With a world of quality vape pens to choose from it can be tough to pick one. So we here at Namaste Vaporizers UK did the busy work for you. Below you’ll find a range of some of the top quality vaporizers on the go. From masterpiece desktop vaporizers to more affordable pen vapes. There is a vaporizer for everyone. With industry leading names like Pax, Davinci, Storz and Bickel or Firefly to those manufacturers bringing you top technologies at affordable prices like Boundless, X Max and Grenco Science.

Whether you’re looking for a portable or a desktop model, a conduction or convection vape, something stealthy or something to make a statement, we’re confident you’ll find the ideal vape to fit your lifestyle right here, courtesy of some of the biggest names in the industry.

About Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers are designed for solid herbs. Grinders are easily available and some vapes like the Volcano Digit actually offer free herb grinders, if not just pick one up at checkout. Recreational vaporizers have been growing in popularity in the last few years and are now very close to medicinal grade. There are two main types of portable vapes for dry herbs, convection or conduction vaporizing. A convection dry herb vaporizer will be the optimal choice for most as it is seen as the healthier option of the two. If you are using Medical dry herbs and need a vaporizer either of these are the most popular vaporizers in the UK.

Dry herb convection vaporizers actually stop combustion from taking place. There is never any smoke entering your body so your lungs stay healthier. For medicinal users it ensures pure vapor containing prescribed and legal THC and cannabinoids can then be absorbed directly into the body with the least risk and maximum effect.

Convection and Conduction

The greatest Dry Herb Vape is one that suits your needs. First you need to decide are you looking for a convection or a conduction vaporizer and how much you want to spend. The PAX 3 has proven itself to be the one of choice, it is a discreet, conduction premium vape. Conduction vaping continues to be very popular for the day-to-day user but it’s important to point out it does create smoke. It burns at a much lower temperature than a cigarette but it is still smoke.

The dry herbs are in direct contact with the coil and generate low vapor. These are generally less expensive than the convection vapes and can be purchased anywhere from £20 up. There is a huge variety of budgets catered for and our top 15 UK vapes section covers most of them, all of those choices were hand picked by our staff here and by customers who have written in to recommend them.

Temperature Settings

The answer to this is controversial. The preferred temperature to vaporize dry herbs can vary between people. If you are in public and need to be discreet and your dry herb has a low moisture level because maybe you have had it for a while or it has totally dried out you should use temperature between 325°F and 345°F. This will produce the lightest vapor give off the least odour. If your lungs are sensitive we recommend to vape only between 345°F to 375°F.

This is considered the ideal temperature for vaping. When your at home and with a crown and prefer decent clouds I suggest you may increase the temperature higher to between 375° F to 400° F. Going beyond this may in fact burn the herb and lose the benefits of vaping so try enjoy your vaping between 325°F and 400°F.

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