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XVape Fog Vaporizer
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XVape Fog Vaporizer

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XVape Fog Vaporizer

The Xvape uses a one button layout, three presses turns it on and three presses turns it off. Holding down the button adjusts the temperature settings. The temperature ranges from 180°C to 220°C (356°F-428°F). Each light on this represents a different level of temperature, one light represents 180°C and five lights represents 220°C.

The bowl can hold up to 0.25g. The mouthpiece is magnetic so there is no need to screw it to the base. The battery life for XVape Fog is roughly 30-45 minutes depending on your usage and choice of battery. The battery provided is a 2600 mAh 18650 replaceable battery.

The XVape Fog is quite small and can easily be placed in a pocket or a bag. This device also produces very little smell and is very easy to clean.

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