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Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit Gold
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Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit UK

The Twisty Bubbler Kit is the newest piece of kit to utilise the Twisty Glass Blunt and moves it on to a whole new level with a full-on bubbler attachment that is included with the kit. The Twisty Glass Blunt works exactly the same as it has always done and gives a really dense, flavor-filled hit every time you use it.

You simply fill the glass tube with your dried herbs so that they are packed in nice and tightly around the central corkscrew and you are good to go. Once it is packed and fully assembled you simply hold the lighter to the end of it like you would with a normal blunt and smoke away. Once the material at the end is fully burned, you simply twist the blunt and the corkscrew feeds your material up towards the open end. You can then remove any ash and carry on smoking the next bit of exposed herbs.

Where the Twisty Bubbler takes it a step further is the bubbler attachement that they include. This cleans and cools the smoke as you inhale, giving you the best possible hit and smoothest flavor. Not only that, but the mouthpiece of the Twisty Glass Blunt itself has been modified so that it can be fitted to any 14 or 18 mm female joint, so you can use it with all your regular rigs and bongs aswell. You can squeeze up to 1.5g of material into the Twisty Glass Blunt without compromising the experience at all so you'll have plenty to last you when you are on the move. These are sure to be just as popular as the original so make sure you get hold of one while they are here.

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