Triple Chamber Pre-Cooler Rasta
  • Triple chamber pre-cooler rasta | black leaf

Triple Chamber Pre-Cooler Rasta

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Black Leaf - Triple Chamber Pre-Cooler Rasta

This large glass Pre-Cooler from Black Leaf is equipped with three separate cooling chambers, a diffuser and a percolator.  

Made from top quality borosilicate glass for heat resistance and durability, this scientific bong attachment removes carcinogens and particulates from your smoke, cools the action down in three separate stages, and aerates the smoke with bubbles - all in the time it takes to take a hit.

The Black Leaf Triple Chamber Pre-Cooler features a reducing 29.2mm > 18.8mm joint, and comes complete with an 18.8mm > 14.5mm adapter, meaning the piece is compatible with a variety of glass-jointed bongs,

This superb quality glass bong attachment is decorated with rasta colours and features the iconic Black Leaf logo on the central chamber.

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