The Mothership - Grow Box
The Mothership - Grow Box
The Mothership - Grow Box
  • 240v

The Mothership - Grow Box

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The Mothership - Grow Box

Included with the Mothership:

  • The MotherShip Grow Box
  • 4 month supply of our Silver Nutrients package
  • Clone Dome
  • Hydro Buckets
  • Industrial Castors
  • Grow & Tech Manuals
  • 365 day technical and grow support
  • 3 year warranty

About the Mothership:

  • Odour control
  • Grows up to 4 mother plants
  • 400w digital blast
  • Automated Electronic Timer

The Mothership has air circulation and lighting and both are completely controlled and fully customizable. This makes the Mothership the perfect environment for your plants all year round.

The Mothership can feed up to 4 Producer grow boxes with a steady supply  of clones. This should cut your harvest down by 4 weeks. This is achieved by keeping the plants in a constant state of vegetation. This means that your plants will think it is Spring all year round and never come to flower, this way you can keep cutting.

The Mothership comes with a 400w digital ballast and HID bulbs so flowering plants is an option. The timers are set to maintain the mother plants so settings will have to be change if you want them to flower.

Using the Mothership:

Your ambient room temperature should be 68-72 degrees with HID lights and 72-78 degrees with HID lights. Humidity is optimal, 60-80% for early vegetation, 50-60% for later vegetation and 40% for flowering. Be sure to keep in mind that these are optimal conditions and your plants will put up with a wide variance.

The Mothership is made to handle vegetation in a single chamber. If you wish to flower you will need the Roommate upgrade. Each stage of growth requires a different light cycle and wavelength. Vegetative growth requires, 18 hours of light in a blue wavelength and flowering requires 12 hours of light in a red wavelength. The Mothership will contain four mother plants or two to three mother plants and a power cloner.

Maintanence Required:

All BC Northern Lights grow boxes are made from a medical grade aluminium construction which makes them easy to clean and will last a lifetime. With the Mothership all you need to worry about is taking cuttings for flowering in a grow box and watering your mother plants.

The air circulation and lighting is taken care of by BC Northern Lights advanced grow smart timer, which is built in and pre-programmed in the Mothership.

Do not plug the Mothership into the wall outlet until it is fully assembled. It is also advised to buy a surge protector before assembling the Mothership, this will protect the Mothership from any power spikes due to storms or power outages.

Drain hoses valve and the irrigation lid valve, this will ensure that the lights are off when the machine is plugged into the wall.

When assembling the Mothership it is advised to remove the items from the box in order, this will make assembling much easier.

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