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Striped Dugout Pipe Large
Striped Dugout Pipe Large
Striped Dugout Pipe Large
Striped Dugout Pipe Large
  • Striped dugout pipe large | dug-out

Striped Dugout Pipe Large

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Striped Dugout Pipe Large

This striped wooden dugout pipe is a stylish way to sneakily take your herbs around with you and have a little top-up hit when needed from the one-hitter. It's an all in one package for stealthy smokers.

At 10.5cm (4.1 inches) long and just 5.5cm (2.2 inches) wide you can easily fit this in most pockets. Being made from a lightweight wood means it won't weigh your trouser down either. The top stipe rotates on its center axis to open up the dugout and reveal your one-hitter and herb chamber. Simply slide the one hitter out, flip it over, slide it into the herb chamber and tamp it down. You'll then have a perfectly packed hit waiting to go. It couldn't be much quicker or easier to enjoy your herbs on the go.

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