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Puffco Prism Silicone Container

Save 26% Picture of Puffco Prism Silicone Container
  • Puffco Prism Silicone Container
  • Puffco Prism Silicone Container
  • Puffco Prism Silicone Container
  • Puffco Prism Silicone Container
  • Puffco Prism Silicone Container
  • Puffco Prism Silicone Container


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Puffco Prism Wax Container:

Puffco Prism is a revolutionary dab container that allows you to store all of your different kinds of strains with ease and accessibility – all in a single container. This product is made from medical grade silicon.

Simply use the dart to remove a pre-measured dose from the Prism and then make sure to secure your mouthpiece. The Puffco Pro can be used to help avoid over and under filling. It’s the perfect way to load your device efficiently and without delay.

The Puffco Prism Wax Container has been crafted from Platinum-cured Silicone and created by the team of in-house engineers. It can hold an ideal amount of wax concentrate in each pocket while also having additional features such as having a convenient hostler for the Puffco Plus chamber.

Puffco Prism Dab Container Design:

The design of this Puffco prism is very innovative and has a lot more value than the traditional dab container. It’s a prism shape dab container with 8 small pre-loaded dabs slots & 3 different size dab slots where you can easily store a decent amount of herb and keep on top of what dosages you have or do not have.  These 8 pre-load slots can be used to store dabs individually and efficiently.

Aside from these 8 pre-load slots, it comes equipped with 2 pre-loaded side containers which can store avg. 1 gram of dabs.  The large holes can be either used to store dabs/wax/concentrates or It also functions as a stand to easily and efficiently load your chamber.

This is the way forward folks. It’s the new way to proper and effectively load your vape on the go.

Puffco Prism Features:

  • A perfect storage option to keep different strains in the same container.
  • Made from Medical Graded Silicon i.e Platinum Cured Silicone.
  • Best suitable for loading on the go.
  • Store decent amount of dab with ease.
  • Load your Puffco chamber on the go.

Puffco Prism Wax Container Colors:

Puffco prism wax container is currently available in black & whiter colour only.


1 x Puffco Plus Wax Container

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