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Rhythm vaporizer Black
Rhythm vaporizer Black
Rhythm vaporizer Silver
Rhythm vaporizer Red
Rhythm vaporizer Red side view
Rhythm vaporizer Red with tank atomizer
Rhythm vaporizer Black side view
Rhythm vaporizer Black with tank atomizer
Rhythm vaporizer Silver side view
Rhythm vaporizer Silver with tank atomizer
Rhythm vaporizer tank atomizer
Rhythm vaporizer with accessories
Rhythm vaporizer with box
Rhythm vaporizer All Variants
Rhythm vaporizer with All Variants
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Rhythm Kit
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Rhythm Kit

Usonicig introduces the first ultrasonic vaping device. The Usonicig team have strived to make vaping healthier and have come up with an ingenious solution, ultrasonic vibrations. This allows for lower temperature vaporizing as the pod vibrates at 2,400,000 times per second. This new method of heating has not gone unnoticed as the vape has been presented with not one but two awards this year which is, Innovation of the year and Winners of the outstanding contribution to the vaping industry award.

E-liquid Capacity 2.0ml (max)
Ultrasonic Frequency 2.4MHz
Battery Capacity 1500mAh
Charging Time Under 2 hours
Size 96 X 51 X 38mm
Size of Tank 49.5 X 23 X 22mm
Weight 145.7g
Weight of tank 29.7g


This device is packed full of new technology, the new pods Vibrate at 2,400,000 times per second which means your nicotine salts can be well maintained and delivered unbroken which is a lot more efficient for nicotine intake. When it comes to CBD, the oil is vaporized through ultrasonic vibration so can be heated at a lot lower temperature (around 115°C / 311°), this method ensures pure, smooth hits with no burnt taste, no dry hits, and no mixture metallic taste. Take note that one of these Rhythm Pods is equal to 5 normal (coil) atomizers and will support up to a whopping 5000 puffs, far more superior I think you will agree. This vaporizer is one of the best on the market as its coil free design allows for lower temperature vaping which is up to 80% healthier than the normal method of vaping. The lower temperature effectively decreases the risk of harmful chemical emissions. 

No Spit Backs

The no coil design and cross airflow system ensures no spit back or hot droplets shooting into the mouth, unlike the standard vaporizing method, using this new method brings many benefits as the E-liquid particles are magnified into much smaller particles meaning smoother vapor and no more e-liquid coating in the mouth. 


Human engineering ingenuity is what this vape is all about and they haven't limited that to the ‘Pods’ they have also made the unit itself with the customer in mind, from the ergonomic trigger/button which fits perfectly for finger clicking to the handy magnetic connection which means this device is simple and efficient when refilling, all you have to do is rotate the mouthpiece anti-clockwise by 90° then fill up (minding the MAX line and air holes), next you just rotate 90° clockwise and wait ten minutes for full saturation. 


The battery life is indicated by white LED lights each represent 20% of the battery life so five lights are full one is less 20% or less. There are some other helpful indicators which are: 

  •  Low voltage - Orange light flashes 5 times within 5 seconds
  •  Over vaping - five white lights flash 8 times within 8 seconds
  •  Disconnect - Orange light maintained for 5 seconds
  •  Anti-dry burning - orange light maintained for 5 seconds
  •  Overcharging - the device will automatically stop from overcharging
  •  Overheating - the device will automatically stop from overheating

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x Mod(Including pod)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card






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