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Premium Pre-roll Filters - 3 Pack

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Premium Pre-Roll Filters - 3 Pack

Brought to you by Filter420, the Premium Pre-Roll Filters are an essential for every smoker! Whether you don't like the harshness that can sometimes come from smoking, the tar and natural toxins which occur during smoking or that niggling cough which always seems to appear... the Premium Pre-Rolled Filters will remove a substantial amount of these for you, giving you a much cleaner, flavoursome smoking experience. It is created from three main parts, the tip, the chamber and the mouthpiece. The tip connects to your pre-rolled joint and when you inhale, the smoke is then pulled into the filters first chamber which is inside a restricted opening. After passing through the first section of the filter, air expands into the larger main chamber which throws the harmful tar solids outwards to the inside of the filter body. The smoke then reaches the mouthpiece where remaining tar will catch on the silicone beads as the smoke then passes through the final stage of the filter into the sterile plastic mouthpiece. These three stages ensure that you get a flavourful hit, without the burn! Each filter is designed to be used multiple times with a minimum of 2g being filtered before it needs to be disposed of. Recommended by many for its ability to create a much smoother smoking experience with enhanced flavours, the Premium Pre-Roll Filters are a must-have item for both occasional and accomplished smokers. The package includes 3 Premium Pre-Roll Filters.

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