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Orbital Stemless Perc Bubbler


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Orbital Stemless Perc Bubbler

This stunning Orbital handheld perc bubbler by EDIT Collection includes a sturdy ball-footed base.  Featuring an inline slit disc percolator, this glass piece comes complete with a male 14.5mm joint, vapour dome, glass concentrate nail, and bowl slide.

Orbital Stemless Perc Bubbler

  • Inline Slit Disc Percolator
  • Sidecar Mouthpiece
  • Includes Concentrate Nail, Vapour Dome, and Bowl Slide
  • Choice of Black or White Accents
  • Exclusive to the EDIT Collection

Inline Slit Disc Percolator

EDIT Collection equip the bubbler with an inline slit disc percolator, this supplies the user with a significantly cool, clean hit. Forcing the water through the disc’s slits, the perc helps increase the surface area interaction between the smoke and the water. The resulting bubbling action causes a large amount of diffusion, which in turn helps cool down the hit and remove carcinogens.

Sidecar Mouthpiece

As the glass piece causes immense bubbling , it’s important to make sure the water that bounces around the chamber doesn’t escape. The included angled sidecar mouthpiece makes it impossible for water to escape through the mouthpiece, so the user can happily use the water pipe without any worries of splashback.

Two heads Are Better Than One

Looking to satisfy all water pipe enthusiasts, EDIT’s design team has equipped this glass piece with a bowl slide and a vapour dome & nail. This enables the glass piece to be used with dry herbs and concentrates. Simply interchange between the two and away you go!

Choice Of Black or White Accents

This piece comes in a variety of coloured finishes, so you can choose what works best for you. To choose the finish you prefer simply click on the drop down menu!

EDIT Collection

Here at Everyone Does It we sell some of the finest pieces on the market. Naturally we’ve learned a thing or two and when it comes to our own range of excellent products we put all this into practice. Every piece in our EDIT collection is amazing quality at a bargain price. Perfect for beginners looking for their first piece, or veterans looking for an addition to a collection.

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