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NeuEnergy - Chewable Energy Tablets
NeuEnergy - Chewable Energy Tablets
NeuEnergy - Chewable Energy Tablets
NeuEnergy - Chewable Energy Tablets
NeuEnergy - Chewable Energy Tablets
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Chew-able Energy Tablets

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Chewable Energy Tablets - NeuEnergy 

If you want a chewable Smart Energy tablet that is all natural and helps promote alertness, makes you more energetic and enhances your cognitive performance then give NeuEnergy a shot and see how it can change your day. With only half the caffeine of an energy drink and the added goodness of its other natural ingredients, you get the same energizing results without having to worry about it giving you a spike and crash effect like other caffeine based products.

Its primary ingredients are caffeine and Pterostilbene which is essentially all the good bits of blueberries distilled and concentrated. The 100% natural formula is clinically tested and designed to give a long lasting but fast acting effect so you won't be feeling the usual nasty 'comedown' effects usually associated with other high caffeine drinks and pills.

Each tube of NeuEnergy contains 6 tablets (3 recommended servings) and is fully resealable for easy transport and safe storage. You don't even have to worry about them messing with the healthiness of your diet as there is not a single drop of sugar in NeuEnergy and it contains zero calories.

You don't even need water as they are completely chewable and dissolve in seconds which means you can take them wherever and whenever you like. NeuEnergy....alert, simple, healthy.  

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