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Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler UK
Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler UK
Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler UK
Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler UK
Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler UK
Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler UK
Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler UK
Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler
  • Smoked

Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler

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Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler

This stunning piece comes from the Marley Natural collection, the official smoking accessory brand of Bob Marley. When creating this bubbler they set out to catch the essence of the great man’s ethos and love for the herb. 

Only the best materials were considered suitable for the construction and that’s why borosilicate glass was chosen. This gives the glass an unblemished finish that is robust and extremely resistant to high temperatures making it perfect all round. 

The Smoked Glass Bubbler is supported on by an extra thick base which is perfect for preventing it from being accidentally knocked over. Extra support is given once the inner chamber has water added. The body has as a slightly taped shape giving it a better center of gravity and making it easier to grip. All edges on the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler have been rounded for a more ergonomic smoking experience. 

A wide-mouthed bowl is able to hold more than enough herbs for even the most experienced of smokers. Below the bowl are pinches to prevent any herbs and ash from being pulled down the downstem but a screen could be added if you wish. At the bottom of the downstem is an inline diffuser which causes the smoke to be broken into several pathways before entering the water. This widens the surface area of the smoke, forcing it into contact with more cool water, lowering the overall harshness of the smoke. This process allows you to be able to exhale those monstrous milky clouds with more ease. 

Each Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler has a golden striped accenting the angled neck which matches the Marley ‘M’ emblem and golden lion on the body. The packaging beautifully presents the bubbler which doubles as a perfect storage box to for safekeeping or transportation.

Borosilicate Glass 

Marley Natural consistently try to provide customers with the best materials for their products. The Smoked Bubbler is no exception. Borosilicate glass was chosen for the body, which is a durable material that with a smooth finish and a naturally sleek look. The glass itself is resistant to high temperatures so that you can use it again and again

Thick Base

Anticipating the danger of accidentally knocks and spills Marley Natural outfitted the Smoked Bubbler with an extra thick base. This reduces the chances of damaging your favorite bubbler.

In-Built Features 

Outfitted with a wider bowl the Smoked Bubbler provides a great amount of space for your herb to be filled. Plus a diffuser located at the bottom of the downstem splits the smoke into several paths so that they hit the water over a great surface area which levels out any harsh taste on your draws.

Slick Design

No one wants to have a shabby looking piece of equipment and the Bubbler is anything but. The body with its darkened ornate glass looks sensational and with the golden lion symbol featured prominently on the front and a stylish gold stripe across the outside of the pipe Marley Natural have made a product worth displaying.


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