I-TAL Hemp Wicks Small 3.5ft
I-TAL Hemp Wicks Small 3.5ft
I-TAL Hemp Wicks Large 16.5 feet
I-TAL Hemp Wicks Kingsize 100ft Spool
I-TAL Hemp Wicks Supreme 250ft Spool
I-TAL Hemp Wicks
  • Large 16.5 feet
  • Small 3.5ft
  • Kingsize 100ft spool
  • Supreme 250ft spool

I-TAL Hemp Wicks

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I-TAL Hemp Wicks

With I-TAL Hemp Wicks you can be sure that you're only getting an untainted flavor from your flame source. Lighters can give out excess butane which over time can be stored in your spine, leading to neurological damage. I-TAL hemp wicks are not only good for your health, they're good for the environment too!

100% ultra refined beeswax is used to create the hemp wick with all the impurities extracted to help create a smooth burn with no flavor.

There are 4 lengths to choose from in the drop-down list. You'll be surprised at how long they last and how much gas you save.

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