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Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong UK
Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong Gold UK
Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong UK
Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong UK
Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong UK
Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong UK
Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong UK
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  • Gold
  • Red

Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong

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Chongz Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong

The Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong is a beautifully simple piece of smoking equipment. With 7mm thick glass throughout and standing at a neat height of 29.1cm, the beaker style of this bong makes it both strong and stable. The stem has a built-in diffuser for a smoother hit, and ice notches to further cool down the smoke and ensure no harsh hits. Manufactured by Chongz, who are well known for producing affordable, high-quality glassware, the Goosebump is no exception with affordable price, spectacular design and performance to match. The spiral design and coloured glass bowl and mouthpiece really make the Goosebump stand out and with four different colours to choose from - Black, Green, Gold and Red - it’s sure to be a delightful addition to an arsenal of equipment.

Chongz Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong Features

Body and Mouthpiece:

The beaker style of this bong allows for a large water capacity which helps with filtration and offers cooler hits, especially with the addition of ice in the top. Made using borosilicate glass and with 7mm walls, the unit is 29.1cm tall and offers all the sturdiness you want in a glass water pipe. The hypnotic swirl decoration on the bottom of the unit is a nice addition to the feel of the piece when you’re using it. This design in is continued on the bowl itself and the mouthpiece adding to the good looks of the Goosebump in general. The mouthpiece on the Goosebump has a bent shaft which creates an ergonomic feel when you’re taking hits.

Bowl and Downstem:

The Goosebump has an 18.8mm ground glass joint and a slit diffuser of the same size but reduces down to the standard 14.5mm to accommodate the bowl that comes with the bong, or any other favourites you have in your collection. The removable bowl allows to you clear the chamber and gets bigger hits as and when you like, and the diffuser in the stem will help to cool down the smoke by increasing the surface area as it hits the water. Adding ice to the shaft of the unit will only increase the loveliness, creating a smooth, cool hit.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

How often you need to clean you bong will depend on how often you use it. Dirty bong water, as well as any build up in residue will affect the taste and quality of your hit so it’s important to keep on top of these aspects. With no exact instruction on how often you should clean your Goosebump, we recommend you keep an eye on it and clean as and when required. Remember though, letting it build up will only mean it's harder to do when you do get around to it!  

Chongz Goosebump Glass Bent Beaker Bong Features Summary

  • Bent Ergonomic Mouthpiece
  • 7mm thick glass wall throughout
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Ice notches
  • 18.8mm diffuser reducing to 14.5mm

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer: Chongz
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height: 30cm
Base Diameter: 14.5cm
Mouthpiece Diameter: 60mm
Wall Thickness: 7mm
Joint Size: Female 18.8mm
Joint Angle: 60°
Downstem/Diffuser Joint Size: 18.8mm to 14.5mm Reducing Diffuser
Downstem/Diffuser Length: 15cm
Bowl Joint Size: Male 14.5mm
Percolator: No
Ice Notches: Yes
Carb Hole: No

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