GN Telos 0006 LED Light
GN Telos 0006 LED Light
GN Telos 0006 LED Light
GN Telos 0006 LED Light
GN Telos 0006 LED Light
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GN Telos 0006 LED Light

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GN Telos 0006 LED Light

Brought to you by GN, the Telos 0006 LED Light is perfect for anyone growing plants with limited natural light.
Capable of withstanding any growing environment thanks to its dustproof and waterproof design, the Telos 0006 also has no moving parts which makes it a lot more durable and long-lasting than other full spectrem LED systems. It uses passive natural convection which reduces noise output as there is no need for a fan.
The Telos 0006 has six 30W modules, which draw 180W and provides a PPF output of 336.78μmol/s.
GN have many years of experience in electricals and plant science research which they have put in to every aspect of the design of the Telos systems, enabling them to convert electrical power into PAR light efficiently and effectively. The high powered Cree LED units are sealed, passively cooled and provide excellent full spectrum illumination.
With its unbeatable reliability, and ability to produce less heat,  the Telos 0006 will  not disappoint even the most ambitious of growers.

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