DuraBowl Wipes
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DuraBowl Wipes

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DuraBowl Wipes


Afraid of dropping your favorite pipe and smashing it? That can be a thing of the past with the DuraBowl wipes brought to you by Smoke Science. Using nanotechnology these wipes are designed to reinforce the bond of your glass on a nano-molecular level, which will dramatically increase the durability and resilience of your glass piece.

And there is no need to worry about your glass piece is safe to use after using these wipes, Smoke Science uses 100% natural materials that are all eco friendly, and even ROHS and FDA certified, leaving you with the peace of mind that you should rightfully demand in a modern age saturated with harmful chemicals.


  • NanoTech
  • Safe for glass and smoking
  • Increase glass durability and resilience
  • Years of protection
Note: to be used on small pieces of glass, example: pipes


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