DIY Kit Concentrate Vaporizer
DIY Kit Concentrate Vaporizer
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DIY Kit Concentrate Vaporizer

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DIY Kit Concentrate Vaporizer


  • 3 x GVD DIY devices
  • 3 x travel tubes (1 labelled)
  • 2 x multifunctional grade silicone rings
  • 1 x vial of DIY blend
  • 1 x microvave safe mixing vial
  • 1 x 1ml syringe
  • 1 x needle tip

Each GVD DIY devices comes pre-charged to output 150+ inhalations and they are ready to use once they are filled. With the microchip technology used in these devices vaporization always occurs at optimal and precise temperatures. This will help produce an enriched vapor and maximises the effectiveness per inhalation.

The GVD devices can be filled with low viscosity essential oils, for high viscoity oils follow the DIY blend instructions found on the inside flap of the DIY kit.

This DIY kit brought to you by Green Vapor will allow you to enjoy your oil of choice in Green Vapor's state of the art disposable aromatherapy device. The device comes pre-charged to output 150+ inhalations and they are ready to use once filled.

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