Dab Rig With Inline Perc And Triple Honeycomb Perc
Dab Rig With Inline Perc And Triple Honeycomb Perc
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Dab Rig With Inline Perc And Triple Honeycomb Perc

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This stunning and functional dab rig is made from top quality borosilicate glass for strength and durability. Featuring a slitted inline perc and three honeycomb percs for amazing levels of cooling. This piece offers one of the smoothest, and coolest dab experiences on the UK Market! The Dab Rig With Inline Perc And Triple Honeycomb Perc Features Thick Borosilicate Glass, Ice Notches, Quartz Concentrate Nail and more! Hits are filtered through the inline slit percolator before the vapour rises and passes through not one, but three honeycomb percolator. These disc percs force the vapour increase in surface area allowing the water to work upon it further and cool it down considerably. The outcome of this advanced diffusion is a significantly cooler and clean dabbing experience for the user. Includes the popular 3-pinch ice notch design towards the top of the tube. This compartment is perfect for holding ice cubes which allows the smoke to pass across them, reducing the heat significantly, ensuring a cool hit. This feature leaves the user with an ice-cold and refreshing dab hit.

Technical Specification

Manufacturer: EDIT UK
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height: 34cm
Base Diameter: 12.2cm
Mouthpiece Diameter: 55mm
Wall Thickness: 4mm
Joint Size: 18.8
Joint Angle: 90°
Joint Type: Female
Downstem/Diffuser Joint Size: 18.8mm
Downstem/Diffuser Length: N/A (Stemless)
Bowl Joint Size: 18.8mm
Percolator: 3 Honeycomb plus Inline Perc
Ice Notches: Yes
Carb Hole: No

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