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Dab Rig Switch Back

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  • Dab Rig Switch Back
  • Dab Rig Switch Back
  • Dab Rig Switch Back


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Amsterdam Glassworx - Dab Rig Switch Back

This beautiful patterned Dab Rig from Amsterdam Glassworx is the perfect glass set-up for dabbing concentrates and oils.

Each dabbing rig comprises the contoured glass pipe, a removable glass bowl and a glass concentrate nail with a domeless design which eliminates the need for a vapour dome.  

The master craftsmen at Amsterdam Glassworx make these stunning oil rigs entirely by hand, without the use of machinery or glass saws.  Using the very best Schott-Duran borosilicate glass for strength and heat resistance, the dab rigs are shaped to form, then lovingly decorated with hand pulled colours in switchback designs.  The piece is finished with a sparkling dichroic vortex marble on the top of the rig and a second implosion marble on the side which features the X3 signature of Amsterdam Glassworx encased inside.

Every single piece of glassware that leaves the Amsterdam Glassworx studio goes through a 24 hour annealing process to strengthen the piece and remove any stresses before it is extensively tested for quality and durability.

Make no mistake here, EDIT-Heads - this is a genuine, hand crafted glass dab rig, made the way glass should be made by a lampworker with years of experience honing his skills.

We have this design available in a range of colours, but please note that as each piece is uniquely hand-made, actual designs may vary very slightly from those shown. 

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