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Convertable Titanium Domeless Nail With Male And Female Joint


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SLX 2.0 Non Stick Pocket Grinder

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SLX 2.0 Grinder | Herb Grinders UK The original version of the SLX 4-part grinder was an amazing pie ce of kit and the new SLX 2.0 takes everything that made the first one what it was and takes it just that little bit further. We are proud to introduce these premium herbal grinders to the UK market. The SLX 2.0 Herb Grinder comes in 2 different sizes: Medium (2 inches in diameter) and Large (2.4 inches in diameter) so these truly are great discreet, portable herbal grinders.  Herb Grinders UK | Features  The grinder in CNC'd from a single piece of 7075 aerospace grade aluminum and is then coated with a non-stick ceramic coating that means you'll never have to clean your grinder out ever again. Just give it a quick wipe and everything just comes off. The coating is also bonded to the aluminum on a molecular level so you know you will never have to worry about any of it coming off and contaminating your material but, even if it did, everything is made of non-toxic FDA-approved substances. The trapezoid shaped teeth do a great job of making sure that your herbs are ground up to a perfect


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Add A Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution

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Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution

Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution (30ml) The perfect size bottle of vaporizer and accessory cleani ng solution, our special cleaner formula is easily applied via the convenient spray bottle. Video Review Namaste Kory reviews the Cleaning Solution   Included: 1 x Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution 30ml Spray Bottle


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This convertible titanium domeless nail with dual male and female joint gender should be friends with your rig like, now. Versatile and durable, you’ll be glad to give this little number a spin.

  • Titanium

  • Domeless

  • Male and Female Joint

  • EDIT Collection 


Never buy another dome again. This all in one dab nail is all you’ll be needing when it comes to easy set up and enjoyment. Having a domeless nail is a bit safer as well, as you have less maneuvering to do around hot nails and waxes.

EDIT Collection

The team creating the exclusive EDIT collection has your smoking needs at the forefront of their approach to design. Taking cues from years in the industry, pros have taken their knowledge and conceived products that are attractive and made to last.

Get the Convertable Titanium Domeless Nail With Male And Female Joint

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