Genius Pipe Black Slider

Genius Pipe Black Slider
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  • Genius Pipe Black Slider
  • Genius Pipe Black Slider


Startrails by Black Leaf - 4 part 42mm grinder
Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution
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Genius Pipe Black Slider

The Genius Pipe Black Slider has an improved airflow, this change in configuration leads to a purer taste and a cleaner burning of your smoking material in your bowl. The Black Slider also has an increased bowl size, this makes packing your bowl a lot easier. This increased bowl size also adds depth to the bowl.

The Black Slider also comes with two different openings, switch between the two openings depending on how much of your bowl contents you want to burn. Use the larger opening burn the entire contents of your bowl or the small opening to conserve your contents for a later use.

With the Black Slider you can cover the bowl, even when packed, and use it at a later time when on the go. The cover also prevents the smell from your smoking material to escape.

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Genius Pipe Black Slider
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