Aeros iV 4 plant DWC Grow Pots UK
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Aeros iV 4 plant DWC Grow Pots

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Aeros iV 4 plant DWC Grow Pots 

Aeros Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a very popular hydroponic systems that require very little growing media. However it does require a lot of nutrient/water solution.

The plant is supported in a net pot filled with a growing media, for example clay pebbles, the roots are submerged in a highly oxygenated water solution. To make sure the plant gets the correct amount of solution the nutrient solution is recirculated around the whole system with a pump. The twin outlet air pumps and the submersible airstone in each tank provides a large amount of oxygen to the roots of the plant, resulting in rapid growth. 

This aeros comes with a 4 plant recirculating option. 


  • An air pump 
  • Submersible airstone
  • 4 aeros modules
  • Seperate nutrient solution master tank (with a level indicator)


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