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5" Upline Basic Bubbler
5" Upline Basic Bubbler
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5" Upline Basic Bubbler

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Upline Basic Bubbler

The upline basic bubbler is from Grav Labs. It does a great job of managing a lot of features into a compact package that is both easy to use and reliable. The device has a good sized bowl that should satisfy even a heavy smoker's needs. The bowl is placed above the bubbler chamber which ensures you get maximum cooling. When smoking the smoke passes down the downstem and goes through the diffuser at the bottom. When its goes through there it then goes there three stacked percs that cool the smoke. The smoke then goes through two more layers to ensure that the smoke is cooled to efficient levels. This whole process really makes a difference and the smoke this piece produces is always of good cool and clean quality.

This piece is very stylish, it looks great and this doesn't take away from its effectiveness as it works extremely well. To use the product you simply put water in the cooler and load up the bowl with your favourite herb. It's always best to use herb that is well dried and ground up to ensure you get the best burn. Then you take the mouthpiece up to your mouth. Cover the Carb and light the bowl and inhale. The strength of the draw can be controlled by how long you hold the carb. Hold the carb longer for a harder hit!

Features: Size: 5″ Ash-Catching Mouthpiece 38x4mm Glass Body Designed by Grav Labs

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