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2 Part Small Pocket Grinder 40mm
2 Part Small Pocket Grinder 40mm
Wolf Grinder UK
The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 2 Part
Buy Small Pocket Grinder UK
2 Part Small Pocket Grinder 40mm
Small Pocket Grinder UK
The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 2 Part
The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 2 Part

The Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder | 2 Part

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  • Anodized Aluminum finish
  • 28 razor sharp cutting teeth
  • Neodymium rare earth magnets
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  • Certified Retailer
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The Wolf Grinder | Herb Grinders UK

These 2-part grinders from Wolf are designed to be the perfect travel companion for someone who likes to be able to grind up a lot of material at once. They come in two different sizes - small herb grinder which is 1.5 inches in diameter and a medium herb grinder at 2.2 inches in diameter which makes them the perfect balance between compact size and decent capacity.

2-Part Herbal Grinder UK

The Wolf Grinders have a neodymium magnet in each half of the grinder to keep it held together securely when it isn't being used. The super sharp cutting teeth will tear and shred your dry herbal material until it is finely ground to the point where it is the perfect consistency for using in a vaporizer.

Please Note: Please select Grinder size in dropdown menu.

 Dry Herb Grinders are an essential part of any smoking kit, check out our full selection here!