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Vaporizer price can vary. The price of a Vaporizer varies depending on build quality, brand, heating time and various other factors. Vaping comes down to a lot of personal preference. Here at Namaste Vapes we have come up with a large range of prices for our Vaporizers. Meaning that no matter what your budget we will have a Vaporizer for you.

Vaporizers under £100

Vaporizers priced from £100 to £200Vaporizer price from £200 to £300Vaporizers cost from £300 and up










Under £100

There are a few contenders for best Vape under £100 thanks to advances in technology. Our award goes to the ever popular magic flight, small, made of natural woods and guaranteed for life by the manufacturer. Other contenders were the brand new G-Pro and the Davinci on special offer this month on namaste

Under £150

Spoiled for choice the top contenders were Grizzly Guru, Arizer Solo and GPen Elite. The newest Guru with the ability to vaporize herb, concentrates and resin made it the best choice vaporizer. Desktop, you will find it hard to beat the Arizer Q for quality and value for money right now.

Under £200

A huge range of quality Vapes are available between £150 to £200. The Storz and Bickel Mighty and crafty have lead the way in quality and robustness It's impossible to ignore them. The other contenders are the Haze Dual V3 and for the discerning vaporizer who loves an amazing vape regardless of the cost the only contenders are the PAX2 and the amazing Firefly. Desktop at this range we vote the Silver Surfer.

Over £300

Desktop Volcano Classic is amazing value right now at namaste and is the  best value followed closely by the Volcano Digit. These have been the desktop everyone is trying to match and beat.   For portable we stick to the PAX2 as the favorite even in this price range.


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