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Top 15 Vaporizers by Price

The price of a Vaporizer varies depending on build quality, brand, heat time, chamber material, battery life, cloud quality and flavour. The choice of vape comes down to personal preference. At Namaste Vapes, we have come up with the best vaporizers in four price ranges, meaning that no matter what your budget is we're sure to have a Vaporizer for you.

Vapes can do dry herbs or concentrates. Some have the ability to do both and all the vapes below are the best quality available it their price range, thats a Namaste Vape guarantee!

Remember you get a further 5% off some of these prices using code: top15

Best Vapes Under £75

  • 1st -  Honey Dab Pen- Conc. | £39.95  £37.95 with code top15
  • 2nd - Black Mamba - Dry Herb | £49.99 £42.75 with code top15
  • 3rd -  Black Widow  - Dry Herb | £49.95  £47.45 - with code top15

Best Vapes Under £150

  • 1st -  PAX 2 - Dry Herb |  £129.95  (Red £109.95 limited time offer) 
  • 2nd - Partial Eclipse - Dry Herb | £99.95  £95.00 - with code top15
  • 3rd - Boundless CFX  - Dry Herb | £128.95  £122.50 - with code top15

Best Vapes Under £200

Best Vapes Over £200

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