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At NamasteVaporizers we promise to provide the best customer experience possible. From the ease of purchase through order processing and fulfillment, we make expert customer support and after-sales service our priority. Our goal is to remain a global leader in the vaporizer industry and this is how we intend to do it. We care about our customer's experience here at NamasteVapes™ and we're thrilled to provide the best products on the market for you! 

NamasteVaporizers is the worlds largest international online vaporizer retailer. We carry the largest selection of portable and desktop vaporizers to cater to the many needs of our customers. We purchase directly from the manufacturers and are proud to offer the best possible prices for our products. At our core, NamasteVapes™ is made up of a team of vaporizer enthusiasts with a passion for our business. Our experienced sales and support staff know everything there is to know about each product up for sale on this website.


NamasteVapes Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

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At NamasteVapes™, we research and test every product that is listed on our sites. Any product that does not meet our strict guidelines for quality and performance are not carried in our sales network. We strive to supply only the latest models of the best products on the market. We strive to build strong relationships with all of the manufacturers from which we buy. That means you're always going to get the newest version, latest firmware, most updated models, and best support when you order with us.

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

NamasteVapes™ sells aromatherapy vaporizers in over 15 countries across the globe. We will price match or beat any competitors for the same product in any of our regions. If you come across a lower price on a product that we carry, please don't hesitate to grab the link and contact us. 

Amazing Customer Service

NamasteVapes Portable and Desktop VaporizersOur team of sales and support staff cover many countries and languages. We provide sales and product support in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Dutch. No matter where you order from, you will be supported by our local contacts within each country. All of our staff are trained on every product, and they can provide support on anything from shipping to technical questions and warranty replacements. We make it our priority to have nothing but happy customers, so if you have any questions please let us know!

NamasteVapes Portable and Desktop VaporizersOne of the most important aspects of our business involves shipping and logistics. Maintaining a global network of high quality vaporizer retails sites is no easy job! We have developed advanced shipping systems that control and record all orders for every country. We promise that when you order with us you will receive the fastest possible turnaround time on your order. This includes a confirmation email when your order is placed, a tracking number sent via email once the order has shipped, and the best after-sales support possible. 

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Our UK based support team stands waiting to help you via telephone, Live Chat, or Contact Us.

When starting out we recommend you take a look at the most popular vaporizers for a list of the top selling, top-rated models, or compare the features of portable versus desktop units. If you want an in depth review of a vaporizer you're interested in, watch some of our Vaporizer Video Reviews for detailed information on the pros and cons of each unit.