Festival Bundles- Summer Necessities

Summer is the time to make memories you'll always remember with people you'll never forget, and here at Namaste we're here to help you make just that happen as we got your back, hail, rain or sunshine. No matter what you like doing during the summer, we're here to help you get the most out of the sunshine! We've created three fantastic summer bundles you simply can't miss out on!

Whether you're going to a festival or a concert, going to the beach or simply hanging out with friends, each bundle we have here at Namaste turns a good time into a great time! Each bundle includes a brand-new Penguin Vaporizer so if you're tired of the one you have now or you're looking to build a collection of vapes, these are the bundles for you. As if that wasn't enough, one of our bundles also includes a glass spoon pipe! Along with this, each bundle includes rolling papers, tips and smelly proof baggies, so you won't have to worry about running out of anything this summer! So, what are you waiting for? Get them summer vibes with your own summer bundle now!

Best of Summer Bundles

Festival Summer Kit

Penguin Festival Kit

This kit is perfect if you're looking to expand your collection with; * 1x Penguin Vaporizer * 1x two-part SX4 Grinder 50mm Silver Aluminum * 1x Smelly Proof Baggie It also could be the perfect to give to a friend if they're new to the vaping community, so get them set up in style this summer!

Penguin Festival Kit Pro

If you're looking for the perfect kit to take with you on a weekend away or at a festival the Penguin Festival Kit Pro is the bundle for you, this bundle includes; * 1x Penguin Vaporizer * 1x Two-Part SX4 Grinder 50mm Silver * 2x Hornet Pre-Rolled King Size Natural Hemp Rolling Paper Cones (Pack of 3) * 2x Hornet Transparent King Sized Clear Rolling Papers * 2x Hornet Natural Unbleached Hemp and Cotton Perforated Rolling Tips * 2x Hornet Hemp Natural Unrefined King Size Slim Rolling Papers and Tips * 2x Smelly Proof Baggie Pack- Small- Single

Penguin Festival Kit Supreme
Extreme q setup

Penguin Festival Kit Supreme

If you want to be the star of the show this summer amongst your friends, look no further! The penguin Festival Kit Supreme has everything you could possibly need to have an unforgettable session this summer! * 1x Penguin Vaporizer * 1x Four-Part SX4 Grinder 40mm Silver * 1x Assorted 5" Glass Spoon Pipe * 1x RAW Natural unrefined Tips Original Single * 1x King Size Premium Slim Papers * 1x RAW Metal Rolling Trays Mini * 1x RAW Rolling Papers King Size Slim Single Pack * 1x Smelly Proof Baggie Black

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