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Rosin Press UK

Rosin is the fastest growing extract industry in the UK and for good reason. With full flavours, gentle hits, and a world of vaporizers to use them with, it's not difficult to see why products like the the Rosinbomb Rocket are so popular. Solvent-free is the future and making delicious batches of rosin is no longer exclusive to big companies! By just using heat and pressure you can create this enjoyable and potent substance in your own home. Get ready to experience some next level concentrates.

Making rosin is incredibly simple: No chemicals, no lengthy lab process, just add heat and pressure! Rosin works in all concentrate pens and requires nothing extra so there is no learning curve. The vapor it creates is also much more gentle on the throat which is great news for those who find other extract methods harsh. Thanks to the gentle nature of rosin, the flavours experienced are like nothing else. Whether you are looking for a small cheap rosin press or want to start creating rosin for commercial purposes we have you covered.

Best of Rosin Press UK


Rosin UK – What is it?

Rosin has become increasingly popular within the smoking community, and here at Namaste we aren’t surprised! Rosin is a solventless technique, meaning that there aren’t any foreign substances mixed in with your product such as butane and propane, which can be present in other extraction techniques

Rosin has become the healthier and quicker method to enjoy your favorite concentrates in comparison to other methods where extra time is spent to make sure that the substance is free from any toxic materials before you begin to enjoy your session! Here at Namaste we have a variety of rosin presses for you to choose from! So, what are you waiting for? Get in on the hype and invest in a rosin press now!

How Does it Work?

Rosin presses utilize a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze out the resinous sap from your favorite flower. Working well with both flowers and kief, the rosin extraction method is probably one of the most versatile extraction methods out there at the moment. When the process is complete, you are left with a translucent, waxy, almost shatter-like substance.

It is considered to be a slightly messier way to enjoy your favorite flower but take it from us, it’s all worth it! Rosin tends to be a much more flavorful and potent substance compared to your average flower. Take it from us, if you try rosin, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner! We take great pride in providing the best of the best here at Namaste, and our rosin extraction equipment is no exception! Take it from us you’ll be making a worthwhile and long investment!

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How Rosin Got It's Reputation?

ROSINBOMB have gotten the reputation for creating some of the highest quality rosin press machinery, and for good reason! Combining passion, attention to detail and dedication to their craft, ROSINBOMB have created a variety of products that we here at NamasteVapes have simply fallen in love with and we are delighted to have them here on our website.

We take pride in providing the best of the best and with products such as the ROSINBOMB Rocket and the ROSINBOMB Super Rosin Press, you’d be starting your rosin journey the right way.

Rosin Tech

Much like ROSINBOMB, Rosin Tech have also gotten the long-standing reputation for creating some of the highest quality rosin extraction equipment pieces, whether it be for commercial or personal purposes, Rosin Tech have some stunning pieces of kit that you simply couldn’t live without, and we here at NamasteVapes are both proud and excited to have their products available.

With presses such as the RTP Professional Series – All in One Heat Press, you’ll be amazed by its efficiency, performance and overall results! Take it from us, when you invest in one of these long lasting and reliable pieces of kit, your sessions will never be the same again.