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QuickDraw 300-L Liquid Cartridge

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£8.95 - You save 30%!


4 for £20 Bundle!

What's This?

The 4 for £20 bundle - in honour of the sacred time and date, 4:20pm marks blazing time! This great value package changes from time to time but is always packed with smoke sesh essentials. Currently it includes the following:

  • 3 x Smelly Proof Bags (Value £4.95)
  • 1 x New Blunt Bubbler Pendant (Value £17.95)
  • 10 x NamasteVapes Cleaning Wipes (Value £2.95)
  • 1 x Acrylic Blue Grinder Pyramid Teeth (Value £8.99)

Special Price £44.95 £20.00!

Add A Raw Roller's Bundle

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Raw Roller's Bundle

Raw Roller's Bundle This RAW Rollers Holiday Gift Bundle is the perfect solution for every smoker this Holiday Season! It comes with everything you need from the boys at Raw to keep up including plenty of papers, some rolling tips, a rolling mat, rolling tray, rolling machine and more. Not only that but we include a premium grinder from SX4 and it all comes in a cool Raw hemp stocking to add that festive touch. Whether it's for you or someone else the Raw Roller's Bundle really is everything you need and more this holiday season! Raw Rollers Holiday Bundle Value: £49.27 Included in the RAW Rollers Holiday Gift Bundle you'll get: RAW Linen Christmas Stocking: £3.99 4 Part Grinder/Sifter Silver - 40mm: £11.99 RAW Rolling Bundle Metal Rolling Trays Mini: £4.99 RAW Rolling Papers King Size Slim Connoisseur Single Pack: £2.29  RAW Rolling Papers King Size Supreme Single Pack: £1.49 RAW Natural Unrefined Tips Original Single: £0.79 RAW Kingsize Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine 110mm: £3.99 RAW Organic Hemp Single Wide Rolling Papers Double Picks: £1.89 RAW Rolling Papers Regular Size Single Pack: £0.73 RAW Natural Bamboo Rolling Mat: £0.99 RAW Rolling Papers King Size Slim Single Pack: £1.19 The Original Quartz Glass One-Hitter Pipe: £9.99 Hydrostone Natural Terracotta Humidifying Stones: £4.99 With the bundle you save 60%!

Special Price £29.99 £19.99!

Add A Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution

What's This?

Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution

Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution (30ml) The perfect size bottle of vaporizer and accessory cleaning solution, our special cleaner formula is easily applied via the convenient spray bottle. Video Review Namaste Kory reviews the Cleaning Solution   Included: 1 x Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution 30ml Spray Bottle

Special Price £12.95 £6.95!

QuickDraw 300-L Liquid Cartridge

A replacement or extra 300L Liquid Cartridge for your QuickDraw 300 vaporizer. Used with your QuickDraw 300, this cartridge precision-heats your liquids to the ideal temperature for rich vapor production and easily slides out of the vape for a versatile, clean experience.


  • 1 x QuickDraw 300L Liquid Cartridge

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