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Offering versatile vapes that complement an active and on-the-go lifestyle, the QuickDraw Vape Pen was created in order to provide high-quality vaporization experiences to both seasoned and inexperienced users alike. Would you believe it if a company finally figured out the secret to having a functional 3-way pen system? Many attempts have been made, especially in the last three years to create a small form vape pen that can vape herbs without combusting them, as well as eLiquids and waxs/concentrates, etc. 

QuickDraw 300 Vaporizer Pen 

Enter the QuickDraw Vaporizer Pen. With a very smart and user-friendly design, the QuickDraw 300 Vape Pen is pushing ahead into a new era for portable vaporizers.  Not only does it have a slick and subtle design, the QuickDraw DLX 300 performs so well, it rivals a lot of portable vaporizers.

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