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Puffco Vaporizers

One of the most awarded vaporizer company’s, Puffco is one of the leading manufacturers of vaping pens on the market. Having won the High Times best vape pen, their products are durable, stealthy with an enhanced and delicious amount of vapor production you just don’t see in other pocket nails.Their vaporizers contain a full spectrum of effects such as a wide variety of temperature settings as well as session mode. What set Puffco aside are their Puffco Plus model which is the first portable pen rig on the market. It offers a fantastic amount of modular function but still providing a tremendous amount of flavor.

Puffco Peak

Puffco have the reputation for creating some high-quality pieces of kit, and the Puffco Peak is no exception! With a built-in bubbler and its advanced design, it is something we have fallen in love with here at Namaste! Taking 20 seconds to heat up and with temperatures ranging from 232-315C, you have the freedom to find what’s right for you if you’re new to concentrates! While the Puffco is rather advanced looking don’t panic if you’re new to the vaping community, it is incredibly easy to use and maintain!

This well-crafted piece of kit is perfect for anyone, producing high quality and satisfying clouds, why would you want anything else? Perfect for both solo and group sessions, should you buy the Puffco Peak, take it from us, you’re going to be the coolest kid on the block! So, what are you waiting for? Get your Puffco Peak now!