KandyPens have totally taken over the vape scene in the UK. KandyPens are an innovative company who are producing diverse and a powerful range of pen vapes, providing something new to their customers. Issues seen in other vaporizers, such as them breaking or generally not being sturdy enough, is something that KandyPens is trying to avoid, guaranteeing durable and sturdy pen vapes.

KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer

The Galaxy Vaporizer Pen features a deep, wick-less quartz crystal chamber and an elevated air flow system. The temperature controlled battery, dual quartz rods and titanium coil makes this concentrate pen very unique and desirable. The Galaxy Pen features a black glossy enamel with a sparkle finish in either black.

It is one of KandyPens most popular vaporizer pen. The vapor quality from the Galaxy is outstanding, when it comes to vaping concentrates, the materials used to make the atomizer make a big difference in the overall flavor of the vapor. The quartz rods, titanium coils and quartz lining all combine to deliver a very pure flavor.