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Herbalizer, a vaporizer manufacturer based out of the USA, is the proud creator of 'the best and most functional vaporizer on the market'. Herbalizer is striving to educate people on the health benefits to vaporizing and they have stormed the vape scene with the release of the most technologically advanced vaporizer on the market.

Herbalizer Vaporizer

The Herbalizer vaporizer is a unique vape and you are unlikely to find anything close to matching its power on the market, the Herbalizer vape is versatile, easy to use and brilliantly fast. This cutting edge vaporizer is designed to provide the ultimate vaporizing session, in a safe and efficient manner. The Herbalizer was engineered and designed with the idea of dramatically improving the perception and process of vaping. The Herbalizer vape uses a balloon consumption method but also has the option to switch to the popular whip-style method. Accessibility is key with this vaporizer with a very simplistic and easy to use layout, the Herbalizer can be used by anyone with any vaping experience. The Herbalizer is also very innovative with the introduction of different consumption methods, you can choose between vaportherapy, aromatherapy or free air modes, Herbalizer have really left no stone unturned with this exceptional vaporizer.

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