The RoomMate Grow Box
The RoomMate Grow Box
The RoomMate Grow Box
The RoomMate Grow Box
The RoomMate Grow Box
The RoomMate Grow Box
  • 240v hydro
  • 240v royale

The RoomMate - Grow Box

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The Roommate Grow Box - In Stock Now - Discreet, Fast Shipping

BC Northern Lights have brought us this fantastic premium Grow Box called the RoomMate, this is is a smaller version of the award winning Producer Grow Box, and it features a single growing chamber, full hydro setup, and premium electronics which helps enable you to get the most out of a small space. The RoomMate grow box can fit into almost any space, nook or cranny and can provide you with an odour free high quality hydroponic growing solution which will last for years and years and plenty of grows and grows and grows. 

Grow Boxes UK - Features of the RoomMate Grow Box

  • Compact Odour Control: A carbon filter scrubs the exhaust air to ensure scents are easily hidden
  • Removable Cloning shelf: To start young clones right up under the light
  • 4 Plant Flowering Chamber: Powered by an aircooled, 400W HPS lighting system with three feet of growing height
  • Digital Ballast: For low power consumption out of MH or HPS bulbs
  • Lumen Output: Puts out more lumens of light than your plants can even absorb per square foot
  • Three Fans: Work together to extract and filter air
  • T-5 Upgrade
  • CO2 Upgrade

Using the RoomMate Grow Box:

The RoomMate will grow 4 plants to harvest. Depending on the strain that you’re growing, you can expect around 1/4 to 3/4 pounds of yield.

Your ambient room temperature should be 68-72 degrees with HID lights and 72-78 degrees with LED lights. Humidity is optimal at 60%-80% for vegetation and 40% for flowering. Be sure to keep in mind that these are optimal conditions and your plants will put up with a wide variance.

The RoomMate is made to handle vegetation and flowering in a single chamber. Each stage of growth requires different light cycles and wavelengths. Vegetative growth requires 18 hours of light in the blue wavelength. While flowering requires 12 hours of light in the red wavelength.

What is included with the RoomMate Grow Box?

  • The RoomMate growbox
  • 6 month supply of Silver Nutrients
  • 1 400w HPS bulb
  • 1 400w MH bulb
  • Carbon filter odour control
  • Rockwool grow medium
  • Airstones
  • Air pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Hydro tub
  • Industrial casters
  • One 400 Watt ballasts
  • Grow and tech manuals

Note: Do not plug the Roommate into the wall socket until it is completely assembled. Also do not plug the water pumps into the top of the Roommate unless there is water in the reservoirs.

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