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If you're looking for a new hobby that you can enjoy on a day to day basis or if you're simply looking to up your game, look no further! Here at Namaste we have a variety of products to have you on your way to getting a green thumb! That’s right you guessed it, gardening! Now, before you take out your boots and straw hat we mean it in the indoor sense, so not only is it less messy you can now enjoy the benefits of growing your own plans from the comfort of your own home!

Not only is it therapeutic, growing your own plants is extremely rewarding so when it's time to harvest your plants, you can reap the rewards! Before we go into detail, here at Namaste we feel it is important to put the rumors to bed that growing your own plants and being self-sustainable to suit your lifestyle is difficult. It is so easy once you're properly set up with the right tools, and here we have the best of the best available. After all, our job at Namaste is to make your life and your lifestyle as easy and as enjoyable as possible! Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, if you have a spare room or maybe a small corner that's not being used, our grow products here at Namaste cater for every individual! With proper care and attention, you'll begin to see the benefits after some time and we have a variety of grow products to help you get set up and get your green thumb in no time!

BC Northern Lights

Launched in 2001, BC Northern Lights had the vision for creating a sustainable and efficient growing environment for your plants all year round, since it was founded they have produced incredible grow boxes to help you on your gardening journey all year round and they have established themselves as one of the leading companies in the indoor growing market today. Their customer orientated, and progressive business had led to it creating some of the best grow products out there that are a lifelong investment and you'll never be disappointed with their results! Here a Namaste we share the same values as BCNL and we are proud to say we have a variety of BCNL products on our website. The BloomBox, The RoomMate and The Producer, The MotherShip and the Grow Box Dryer are all now available here at Namaste, so you can get ready to go and get your green thumb in no time!

Made from high quality materials and with some of the grow boxes housing multiple plants, you will be able to grow as much plants as you like all year round and when the time comes to harvest your plants, there'll be no hiding he pride and delight you will feel knowing that you did this yourself and you'll be a certified green thumb member!

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migro 400 light


MIGRO, like BCNL, have established themselves as one of the leading producers in the indoor growing industry. Founded in 2015 MIGRO were quick to their rise to fame, with the dream to create the most efficient grow light with maximum yield from minimum power consumption. With all their products being developed from scratch, MIGRO have revolutionized the indoor growing industry by creating truly innovative grow lights, evenly dispersing the heat across the entire plant rather than have high, intense heat levels focused in on the center of the plant like their competitors, MIGRO promote healthy, even and effective growth of your plants from start to finish. With efficiency being one of their main goals, MIGRO have produced a number of grow lights that we at Namaste are proud to sell on our website. These products include the MIGRO 600, the MIGRO 400, the MIGRO 200 and the MIGRO 100.

Each MIGRO grow light comes in different sizes, so no matter what size of space you have available at home, MIGRO has you covered to suit you and your needs. With their lifespans hitting up to 50,000 hours and with excellent and even flower coverage, you will be making a worthwhile lifetime investment so when the time comes around to harvest your plant, if cared for properly, you simply won't be disappointed! Made from the highest quality materials and with the latest generation LED lights, MIGRO are a force to be reckoned with in the indoor growing industry. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your green thumb with a MIGRO Grow Light now!

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