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Grizzly Originals

Grizzly Originals bring to their much loved vaporizers to us in the UK. The much loved Honey Dab Pen and the latest and greatest Grizzly Eclipse. Grizzly continue to blow us away with their highly impressive vaporizers for seriously affordable prices. The Grizzly Eclipse is the latest released vaporizer and is being famed already for the choice between Dry Herb, Concentrates and E Liquids.

Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer

The Grizzly Eclipse! The most daring and innovative vaporizer to come from the wise people over at Grizzly Originals. It was their mission to change the game of vaporizers and they may just have succeeded. This might be the most versatile vaporizer on the market today and one we have been really looking forward to.

So why is the Eclipse so exciting? Well because the Eclipse is capable of vaporizing dry herbs, concentrates, and E-Liquids. That’s right! One vaporizer and three entirely different vaping experiences. The creators of the Honey Dab pen and the Guru vaporizer set about to create a vaporizer that would give you the maximum amount of choice in one easy-to-use device.