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Best Dry Herb Vaporizers & Pens

  • 1. PAX3- Fantastic upgrade to PAX2 also now does concentrates.
  • 2. DaVinci IQ - Features the best of everything to do with Vapes. Will possible take the No. 1 spot soon
  • 3. PAX2 by PAXLabs - Upgrade of the original PAX. Price reduced to make it amazing value
  • 4. Mighty Vaporizers - Has the quality Vapor of a desktop but fits in your pocket!

Still Popular Vaporizers

  • The Best: Firefly 2, Volcano Plenty, Volcano Digit, Mighty and Crafty by Storz & Bickel. Offer excellent Vapor quality.
  • Best of the Rest: Arizer Solo and Extreme Q (similar to the Volcano Digit but at a lower price).

New Popular Dry Herb Vaporizers in the UK

The Grizzly Guru from Grizzly Originals offers a portable vape with interchangeable adapters allowing it to vape Dry Herbs / Waxes / Oils / Concentrates and E-Liquids all in in the one unit.

Arizer Air and Pax 2 Portable Popular Vaporisers - Namaste VapesThere are plenty of additions to our Popular Vaporizers collection of 2017. The new Arizer Air and the incredible as always PAX 2 from Ploom are great performing popular vapes according to our customers. The improvements made to both brand's have seen them become much smaller, lighter and more compact. Haze Technologies have also made waves with their new and improved Haze Dual V3 portable vape which features two separate interchangeable heating chambers for Dry blends and oils or waxes.

Volcano plenty and Volcano Digital Most Popular Desktop Vaporisers - NamasteVapes UKFor desktop vaporizers the best is possible still the Volcano Plenty Desktop Vaporiser and the Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. Offering quality and taste that seems very hard to match. View the full extensive Storz and Bickel Collection including Storz & Bickel's beautifully crafted portable vapes The Mighty & The Crafty. The second from first favourite desktop vape is the Arizer Extreme Q - very similar to the Volcano Digit as a forced air vape with a digital interface but at a much cheaper price.

New & Upcoming Popular Dry Herb Vaporizers

The Grizzly Guru All In One Portable and Discreet Handheld Vaporiser - NamasteVapes UK

A new and upcoming dark horse launching June 2016 is the Grizzly Guru from Grizzly originals who have created an incredible 5-In-1 portable vape with interchangeable adapters, it can vape Dry Herbs / Waxes / Oils / Concentrates and E-Liquids all in one!! At a very cheap price around £120 (use vape10 coupon) we believe it could be a major contender for the most popular portable vaporiser of 2016!  Firefly 2 launch is also widely expected to be late 2016 for the UK.

These are the most popular vaporisers all in one place below. Feel free to chat with any of our friendly advisors, you can also use the Live Chat window in the bottom right to speak to one of our Experts today!

Discreet Shipping & Delivery

NamasteVapes always uses discreet billing and plain packaging on our shipping for all orders, and all of our vaporizers ship from our offices in Kent. We're also very happy to offer our customers free local shipping on orders over £85 - seems only fair!

More about Dry Herb Vaporizers

Medical dry herb convection vaporizers actually stop combustion from taking place. There is never any smoke entering your body and your lungs stay healthier. For medicinal users it ensures pure vapor containing (prescribed and legal) THC and cannabinoids can then be absorbed directly into the body with the least risk and maximum effect.  

Dry Herb Vaporizers are designed for solid herbs and are intended for packing with the ground down plant. Grinders are easily available and some vapes like the Volcano Digit actually offer free herb grinders, if not just pick one up at checkout. Recreational vaporizers have been growing in popularity in the last 2 years and are now very close to medicinal grade. There are two main types of portable vapes for dry herbs, convection or conduction vaporizing. A convection dry herb vaporizer will be the optimal choice for most as it is seen as the healthier option of the two. If you are using Medical dry herbs and need a vaporiser either of these are the most popular vaporizers in the UK in 2017.

The best temperature for dry herbs to vaporise at?

The answer to this is controversial. The preferred temperature to vaporize dry herbs can vary between people. If you are in public and need to be discreet and your dry herb has a low moisture level because maybe you have had it for a while or it has totally dried out you should use temperature between 325 and 345 degrees. This will produce the lightest vapor give off the least odour. If your lungs are sensitive  we recommend to vape only between 345 to 375 degrees. This is considered the ideal temperature for vaping. When your at home and with a crown and prefer decent clouds I suggest you may increase the temperature higher to between 375 to 400 degrees. Going beyond this may in fact burn the herb and lose the benefits of vaping so try enjoy your vaping between 325 and 400 degrees.

Dry Herb Vaporiser - Convection V’s Conduction

The best Dry Herb Vape is that one that suits you needs by first. First you need to decide are you looking for a convection or a conduction vaporizer and what you want to spend. The PAX2 has proven itself to be the one of choice and makes an ideal present for a partner or just to say thanks, discreet, convection premium vape.

Convection Vaping is recommended by doctors more as this process is all about heating up the herb evenly but with absolutely no combustion. This will also give you the best flavour so you can enjoy a real vapor cloud without the smoke. These generally start at £80 and upwards. The most popular have been the premium PAX2 and PAX3 with the DaVinci IQ, Firefly2 and Haze but there is still good value with the likes of the Convector vape from EDIT.

Conduction Vaping continues to be very popular for the day to day user but its important to point out it does create smoke. It is burning at a much lower temperature then a cigarette but it is still smoke. Most consider it to be a much better flavour then the traditional RAW papers. The dry herbs are in direct contact with the coil and generate a low smoke vapour. These are generally less expensive then the convection vapes and can be purchased anywhere from £20 up, most pens would be conduction vapes, better the rolled cigarettes but it still slight burns the herb.

There is a huge variety of budgets catered for and our top 15 UK vapes section covers most of them, all of those choices were hand picked by our staff here and by the customers who have written in to recommend them. Everyone is a fantastic dry herb vaporiser that we believe is the best available at each price and they start with the best under 50.

Medical Dry Herb Vaporizers

Much of the growth is around the fact legal dry herb materials are now becoming more widely accepted for its medicinal benefits and the number countries and US states who are allowing recreational use of the dry herb is also on the rise.

Vaping is healthier then smoking and the flavour is more satisfying, your tasting the dry herb, no papers, no smoke just pure herb and people have found it is what they really want. The real choice is a lifestyle choice, what vape do you want in your pocket. If your vaping at home and want a large crowd around there are loads available the Volcano Digit and the Arizer Extreme Q are our choice but many people have gone for the discreet vape that oozes style and any of the popular portable vapes here are what you need. My advice is use our top 15 guide and pick a vape for you that you like the look of and enjoy Namaste’s fast discreet delivery an full warranty and excellent customer service, Namaste are in the top 1% of vape companies on Trust Pilot and most orders ahem free delivery in plain packaging next day delivery.


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