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Best Grinders of 2018

We all know how important it is to be able to grind your herb to a perfect consistency. So we've gathered together a collection of quality grinders for you to choose from. Below you'll find a choice of grinders that will help you enjoy a smoother session. 

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Why Grind Dry Herbs Before Vaping?

Grinding dry herbs for vaping is a must. No matter what vaporizer you get yourself you should also avail yourself of a good grinder. Grinders keep your dry herb fine and vaporizers will always work much better with a finer than coarse herb. Also using one will help you conserve your herbs by giving you those more consistent textures. It helps increase surface area ensuring you are having minimal wastage and take in as much vape as possible. 

Types of Dry Herb Grinders

There are several types of grinders you can choose from and many reasons why you might choose either. But let's give a brief overview.

Two-Part Grinder


The traditional two part dry herb grinder. Generally speaking this is the cheapest and most straightforward option. Just pop your material in one half, attach the other, and grind to your heart's content. We have a couple that might be of interest for you. For example the Wolf Pocket grinder is affordable and convenient. Or the V-Grinder 2 Part is made from aircraft grade aluminium. Two parters are sure to get the job done and keep all your materials and their active properties together. But there is a danger of over-grinding, making a too-fine herb that can rise up to the mouthpiece. 

Three-Part Grinder or Four-Part Grinder


For those who enjoy the finer things a three or even four part grinder is just the thing. Usually these come with an extra storage compartment and a sieve that can separate some dry herbs from active ingredients that lie on the surface or within the herb. This allows you to revisit your collection part to get an extra potent vape rip later. Have a look at our Grizzly VGrinder for an affordable and slick looking three parter. Backed by a lifetime warranty you can be assured it will last forever. Or check out the four-part Wolf Pocket Aluminium Grinder. Made from anodized aluminium and equipped with razor sharp cutting teeth it is durable and assured to grind your herb to perfection.

Of if you're looking for something a really out there why not try the 4 piece Grinder with Rotary Handle from edit. Made from high-grade metal this item is only available online.


Dry herb grinders are an essential part of any herb fans smoking or vaping kit. You have to ensure you can get the best dry herb experience possible.


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