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Dr Dabber Vaporizers

Dr Dabber is a premium vaporizer pen company - they have created portable vaporizers that are convenient reliable and effective. Dr Dabber vaporizers are stylish enough to take anywhere and stealthy enough to be discreet. Dr Dabber have changed the way in which people enjoy their essential oils. Dr Dabber vaporizers are all regarded as top quality vaporizers that produce potent flavor.

Dr Dabber Vaporizers

The Dr Dabber Switch is both a concentrate and dry herb vaporizer, it uses an induction heating system. This creates an even heating surface temperature, this will give you the best flavor throughout your session. It is a sleek and discreet vaporizer.

The Dr Dabber Light is a compact version of the Dr Dabber Ghost and it uses low-heat Titanium Technology. The Dr Dabber Light is inexpensive but delivers big on flavour. It contains high quality components but has a much slimmer and stealthier design for discreetness while traveling.

The portable, battery powered rig by Dr Dabber includes a titanium domeless nail much like you would see in a traditional glass setup. It functions via a glass water filtration system to give you that perfect cool dabbing experience. This unit averages 50-60 uses on a single charge!