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DaVinci Vaporizers

DaVinci Vaporizers are among the most advanced portable vaporizers on the market today - whether you are a seasoned professional or a first time buyer. All of their portable vaporizers come with precision temperature control, excellent battery life and fantastic craftsmanship. The DaVinci IQ could easily be mistaken for a fashion item at first glance. Attractive Designs coupled with impressive technical advances is what has driven this company to the forefront of the vaporizer market. With the IQ you are guaranteed vapor of only the highest quality and flavor.


The DaVinci MIQRO the newest member of the DaVinci family and it has finally arrived to NamasteVapes UK. The MIQRO offers advanced heating of its predecessor, it is a 33% smaller design. The MIQRO also has a conduction heating system.Make sure you get your hands on the most talked about vaporizer of the year. The MIQRO is sure to blow all of our minds. It is a pocket friendly vaporizer, which features Smartpath heat settings, as well as Boost Mode and Standby Mode. Be the first to get your hands on a DaVinci MIQRO.

DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ vape is an incredibly small vape with the approximate definitions of 9cm x 4.2cm x 2.4cm, which makes it close enough to rival even the Pax family in size - easily small enough to slip into your pocket. What's more, the brushed metal and subtle curved body makes it not only beautiful to look at but comfortable to hold too. The smartest vape in the world would of course come with some of the best built materials, including an all ceramic chamber as well as 360 degree conduction heating for an even heat in its conduction elements.