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Cheap Vaporizers

At NamasteVapes we try our very best to keep the most competitive prices for our vaporizers, so you get great quality and exceptional value for your money.

We carry a range of cheap vaporizers, the most popular are cheap dry herb vaporizers and cheap dab pens. We have a vaporizer to suit everyone's budget. You will find the best dry herb vape pens under £100 here at NamasteVapes. These include the Black Mamba, the Black Widow and the Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

Cheap Vape Pens

Best Dry Herb Vape Pens Under £100

The Best Dry Herb Vape Under £100

 We stock a range of cheap vaporizes here at NamasteVapes UK. The most popular cheap dry herb vaporizer is the Black Mamba. If you are looking for a good entry vape, or if you're a vaping enthusiast and looking for a cheap vaporizer then look no further. This cheap dry herb vaporizer has made waves in the vaping community and for all the right reasons.The Black Mamba is a force to be reckoned with, the dry herb conduction vape has captured our hearts. It holds approximately 0.65g of your favourite dry herb, it boasts a variety of features that for cheap vaporizer. 

The Black mamba is a stylishly designed, coated with a soft touch rubber material. The nozzle is connected to the vaporizer by magnetic closure and a vapor-conducting system made of glass. 


Cheap Dab Pens

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen is a cheap dab pen, it was designed for portable concentrate connoisseurs of this age. Combining portability with power this cheap dab pen is very pleasant surprise. If you don't want to spend a couple of hundred pounds to get a great vaping experience , then the Grizzly Honey Dab Pen is the one for you. There is a variable voltage battery as well as ceramic donut and a dual quartz coil atomizer included in the kit.

The Dab Pen is fully charged and ready to go in just 3 hours of charging. Whether you are an on-the-go adventurer, or if you prefer to take it easy - The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen will see you through. This cheap dab pen is most definitely a smart buy. 


Smart Vape - DaVinci IQ Vaporizer