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CBD - Cannabidiol

CBD Oil UK - What is it?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the main chemicals in found in the plant. It is part of a family of chemicals known as ‘cannabinoids’. These chemicals are also found in the human body in certain amounts and are part of a network of receptors known as the endocannabinoid system, or the ECS. The ECS is present in the central and peripheral nervous system and has an influence on everything from pain response, to digestion. The ECS present in the brain is what gives users the ‘high’ feeling associated with smoking when it binds with THC. When CBD, interacts with the ECS, however it has a whole host of beneficial effects on everything from inflammation, to epilepsy. All of this without any psychoactive effects.

What It Does - These Cannabinoid receptors exist all across our body, down to even your hair follicles, and play important roles in our overall wellness. There are two main types to know about - CB1 and CB2 receptors. When we take CBD into our bodies it acts to prevent the breakdown of our valuable cannabinoids by enzymes. So by using CBD we can assist a whole range of bodily functions. By adding CBD to your life it can assist you with sleep, ease digestion, improve your mood by working with our neurotransmitters, combat skin inflammation, and provide relief from stress. CBD is thought to fight inflammation, anxiety, pain from MS, other chronic pains, rheumatoid arthritis, and a myriad of other ailments.

CBD oil

CBD Oil UK - How it is taken in?

CBD is most commonly taken as a tincture - a type of infusion, where the CBD molecule is dissolved in a carrier liquid - usually an alcohol or an oil. The tincture is either applied to the inside of the mouth, using a dropper, or using an oral spray. CBD can also be put into patches, lotions, creams, and moisturisers, to be absorbed through the skin. It can be eaten in candies, smoothies and other products. Finally, CBD can be used in a vaporizer and inhaled, much like many other herbal medicines.

CBD Oil UK - How much to take

When it comes to CBD dosage the most important thing to remember is that everyone is different, the measurements here can be used as a guideline and as a starting point of reference. The standard CBD serving size is 25 mg taken twice a day, but we recommend starting small and gradually increasing your intake until you reach your desired result. The general dosage guide can be seen below: General health: 2.5-15 mg daily To treat chronic pain: 2.5- 20 mg daily To treat sleep disorders: 40-160 mg daily

It is important to pay attention to size as dosage can vary from person to person and larger individuals may prefer a higher dosage than smaller people. You can easily scale up or down a few milligrams to meet your personal needs and make sure to decrease the amount if symptoms worsen.

CBD oil
CBD oil

CBD & Vaping

At Namaste Vaporizers UK we now stock a wide range of high quality CBD E-liquids. Perfect for vaping, Canavape are a company who are known for the quality of their products. Therefore we felt confident our customers needs would be met fully by the selection of CBD on offer. Coming in a range of flavours and deriving from a number of different strains, the Canavape E-Liquid is the best CBD products you will find in the UK.

At affordable prices and with a brand you can trust, access to CBD products has never been easier!