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Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong Blue UK
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Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong Blue UK
Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong Black UK
Mini Tree Percolated Glass Charcoal Bong UK
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Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong

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Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong

By Basil Bush

The Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong by Basil Bush Bongs is continuously remaining in the top-selling bongs bracket. The popularity for this piece does not come as a surprise however, as the designs which have gone into this piece are truly remarkable for its price. With percolator technology built in, an extremely handy ash catcher incorporated and ice notches to cool your smoke. This all in one powerful piece is sure to blow you away, with only the smoothest of hits. 

Tree Percolator

The intricate designs displayed in this piece are far more frequently seen in more expensive, premium bongs. However, the team at Basil Bush bongs brilliantly implemented a percolator system which didn't inflate the price. The tree percolator included in this piece acts as a means of cooling, breaking up, and filtering your smoke. The percolator splits the bubbles into smaller sizes, therefore, increasing the surface area of your smoke. 

Ash Catcher 

The Ash Catcher built into the Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong is the perfect addition to an already impressive piece. This simple attachment ensures no unwanted toxins enter the smoke path by catching any remnants like ash on its way. 

Ice Notches

The final point of contact for your smoke on its voyage to the mouthpiece is through the ice notches assembled in the shaft. Easily loaded, the ice notches hold ice cubes for the smoke to travel through ensuring the smoke is cooled that little bit further than before. 

Extra Deep Bowl

The Extra Deep Bowl included in this piece allows you to produce even more powerful rips as the amount you can smoke is almost doubled in size. Load your bowl up and enjoy extra potent, deep rips in the coolest and smoothest fashion with the Mini Tree Percolated Bong by Basil Bush.

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