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Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc
Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc
Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc
Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc
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Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc

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Bongs for Vaporizers - EDIT Collection Classic Beaker Ice Bong

The EDIT Collection brings to us this beautifully styled and designed glass bong.  This is a classically styled beaker bong and is manufactured to the highest standard with thick borosilicate glass. The water pipe for this EDIT Collection Bong is a precision made unique UFO styled percolator which aids in filtering the smoke and breaking it down to smaller particles which leaves the user with a much smoother and cooler hit. Another great feature for this bong is if you are in search of an even cooler hit, a handful of ice cubes can be dropped into the main cylinder of the bong. This EDIT Collection Bong comes with Ice-Notches along the main cylinder and will hold the ice in place while you enjoy a frosty, smooth hit. 

This EDIT Collection Bong stands at an impressive 301mm tall and allows the user to take huge rips from this glass bong.  

Bong Specifications

Height - 301mm 

Joint - Female

Joint Size - 18.8mm

Percolator - UFO Percolator 

Diffuser - Slitted 



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