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Founded in 2001, by four close friends with a passion for plants, BC Northern Lights have grown to become the leading players in the world of Indoor Growing. Utilizing a motto of "Grow your own", the design team at BC have created a range of grow boxes which are difficult to compare to anything else on the market. After over 17 years of hard work, research and innovative thinking, the company's flagship, The Bloombox has cemented it's place in the hearts of many Indoor growers. With a grow box for every kind of grower, BC Northern Lights are a company who work around both the connoisseur, and the beginner to ensure the highest yields & maximum performance are accomplished

The best standard of grow box you will find in the UK at a price which cannot be matched

Grow Box Experts

BC Northern Lights are a company who are known for the high quality products they produce. This is partly down to the research, development and all round attention to detail which is put into the manufacture of these grow boxes. Using their vast experience of the market to implement a design which both maximizes space while not sacrificing yields, you are certain to be impressed with the sheer ease of use and quality of build associated with BC Northern Lights products.

Constant Research & Development

When you purchase a Grow Box from BC Northern Lights, you are safe in the knowledge you will be taken care of thoroughly by their customer care. Known for their fine attention to detail, the team at BC are always on hand to answer any growing queries you may have and will always strive to improve the results you gain from using their products. An impressive aspect of BC Northern Light's production team is how customer feedback is taken on board and improvements implemented into the actual manufacture of the grow boxes. An example of this is how the Bloombox is now a 6th generation design with constant improvements being implemented into their products.

Constant Research and Development
High Quality Builds

High Quality Builds

As BC Northern Lights only use the highest quality, medical grade aluminium for its grow boxes while also ensuring only top quality electrics and parts are used you can be extremely confident that you will have a grow box for life when using the range of grow boxes on offer from BC Northern Lights today. Hydroponic Indoor Growing is growing massively in popularity in the UK. With unbeatable yields, in a short space of time, it comes as no surprise to see the development of this market in the UK and worldwide as a whole.

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