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Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

Arizer Solo II Vaporizer has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 32 reviews.
Save 19% Picture of Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer


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Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

Arizer’s new Solo 2 dry herb vaporizer is an amazing piece of kit. We might even go so far as to say that it looks like it could end up as the best vaporizer of 2017. The device works along the same lines as it’s older brother, the Solo, but it punches harder, lasts longer and has more adjustability than ever before. Pretty much everything else about the Solo has been improved in the Arizer Solo II Vaporizer. It has been redesigned from the ground up, they have looked at ways to improve efficiency and function and they have really done an amazing job.

Arizer Solo II Key Features / Specifications  
Material Dried Herb
Finish Stainless Steel
Heat Time 24 Seconds
Temperature Settings Full Digital Control
Charge Time 3 Hours
Dimensions 11.4cm x 4.5cm x 3.5cm
Oven Volume 0.20 grams

Special Solo II Features

  • Rapid Charging
  • Full LCD 
  • Battery Indicator
  • Ceramic Oven
  • Revamped Device Efficiency

The Solo II has become a very popular vape since its release thanks to an overwhelmingly positive adjustment to the original design. Though the Solo was quite popular too, Arizer have definitely listened to their customers and worked very hard to create a vaporizer that can't be easily forgotten!

Included with the Arizer Solo II Vaporizer:

  • Arizer Solo II Vaporizer 
  • Power Adapter
  • 90 mm Glass Aroma Tube
  • 110 mm Glass Aroma Tube
  • Glass Aroma Dish
  • Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • Silicone Stem Caps
  • Stainless Steel Stirring Tool 
  • Stainless Steel Screens
  • Sample of Aromatic Botanicals
  • Owner’s Manual

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Heating and Temperature Options

The first of the settings to be improved drastically was the temperature control. They have given you two choices for how you adjust the temperature, the first option allows you to adjust the temp in 10-degree jumps which allows you to make big changes in temp with just a couple of clicks. The second options let you adjust the temp in one-degree increments, giving you ultimate control over the temperature of your vapour and the level of flavour you get out of your material. They have also given you the ability to adjust things like how long the device stays on when you use it, how bright the screen is and the unit of temperature (either C or F). The Arizer Solo II Vaporizer really is a complete evolution of the original Solo.

Size and Design

Where the original used LED’s on the front to indicate the temperature level that the device was set to, the new Solo 2 has a full LCD display that gives you a load of information as well as letting you adjust a lot more settings than the Solo. Under normal use the screen tells you the battery level at the top, the current temp in the middle and your temperature setting at the bottom, so with this new Arizer Solo II Vaporizer, you will always know what is going on. The Arizer Solo II Vaporizer's battery life as also been massively improved over the original. The new Solo II achieves this through two methods. The first is that they have increased the battery capacity so it has more overall current to give out and the second is that they have made the actual device more efficient so that it uses less of your battery’s power to actually heat up and stay at operating temperature. All these combined means that you will be able to get around 20 full sessions out of each charge so it’s always going to have a charge when you need it to. The charger that Arizer supply is a full mains power unit which allows it to charge the Arizer Solo II Vaporizer much faster than similar devices that use USB chargers. It manages to fully charge the Solo 2 from completely empty to full in around 3 hours, and even when your vaporizer is completely flat it provides enough power to allow full passthrough vaping the second you plug it in.

Vapour Quality

The Arizer Solo II Vaporizer uses the same stainless steel oven and ceramic heating element setup as the original Solo. One of the reasons they kept this original format was because of the unrivalled purity of flavour that was offered with this setup and when you first try using one you can instantly see why. For the same reason, they have kept the same Aroma Tubes as the original. The reason this whole combination gives such good flavour is that instead of loading your herbs into the actual oven, you load them into the base of the glass Aroma Tube and then insert that into the oven. This means that your herbs are only ever coming in contact with the glass of the Arizer Solo II Vaporizer, so there is nothing that can possibly contaminate your clean tasty flavour. As well as the Solo II itself and the mains charger for it, they give you two of their Aroma Tubes with it. One is 110mm long and one is 90mm long so you have options for different types of vapour experience. They include caps for the vapour tubes which means you can carry them fully loaded and ready to go without having to worry that your material is going to fall out and get wasted. For home aromatherapy use they provide an Aroma Dish which is great for when you want to use things like Lavender to make your home smell nice. On top of all of that, they include a little stirring tool to make sure your herbs are fully vaporized and a belt clip pouch which securely holds your Arizer Solo II Vaporizer and both of the Aroma Tubes so that you are ready to go, anytime, anywhere.


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