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Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer, one of the best selling vaporizer brands is designed and manufactured in Canada. The Arizer Vapes brand has become one of the top Vaporizer sellers worldwide mainly through high quality manufacturing and quality control second to none.
With its deserved reputation for high-quality vaporizers, Arizer has a focus on both portable vaporizers like the Arizer Solo 2016 model, and Arizer's popular desktop vaporizer The Extreme Q Vaporizer. These have been 2 of the most popular & well built vaporizers available for the last 5 years.

New Arizer Air Vs The Arizer Solo

Arizer's latest vaporizer the Arizer Air is the younger sibling of the Solo but just as powerful and produces a great vapor.

The Arizer Air VS The Arizer Solo Comparison | NamasteVapes UK

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