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Arizer - Cool Refreshing Vapor

Arizer Vaporizers is a Canadian born manufacturing company with a reputation for quality and flavour. Arizer have taken the best of this new wave of vaporizer technology and created some truly magical pieces that are sure to last.

Their specialty is in aromatherapy handled vapor and the amazing taste such a heat system is capable of, but moreover they aim to be every dedicated vapers go to products. See the kind of innovation Arizer is capable of.

Best of Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer Air II

Handheld Aromatherapy

If you’re looking for an unmatched taste experience, look no further than an amazing Arizer vaporizer. To really test how well the Arizer vaporizers work you can easily try it out with a series of other aromatic materials other than dry herb, such as lavender or lemongrass.

An Arizer vaporizer vapes them just as well and instills your room with a beautiful fragrance. It’s this kind of attention to detail in its heating system that Arizer are really known for, creating some of the best tastes on the market.

Convenient Living

When finding your next personal vaporizer, the one you’ll reach for whenever you’re looking for a hit, it can’t just be about the flavor. The vape needs to work for the vaper, and that’s exactly what Arizer has done. Just check out their desktop models. They’ve created desktop vaporizers can be used with a remote control. That is something no other desktop vaporizer can say.

It’s little, but effective, leaps like these that are setting them apart as peoples go to vapes. Their portable models get smaller and faster to use with each new model and can be taken absolutely anywhere with no problem at all.

Arizer Solo II
Extreme q setup

The Healthy Choice

Many people in the vaporizer community already know that vaping your herbs and concentrates is a lot healthier for you than combusting them. Arizer, with their special aromatherapy, convection styled heat, take your herbs to the next level.

Apart from the flavor, These vapes also draw out all of the most essential cannabinoids much more efficiently, leading to a healthier and smoother session to hit your lungs. You can’t go wrong when you put your herbs into the hands of Arizer, Canada’s #1 vape makers.